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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rezeki yg terlepas?

For past few months, some changes in my department...its likely everyone wants to have new job, new environment..

So major changes happen...I reported to senior accountant..and never though she left us (ok2 past track I left the boss...)

Then when she left..few person asked me whether I will be promoted to accountant (Heh..I dunno its rumours watnot....). But as far as I know, nobody told me I just said no news, and just continue with current job

At first heard that no replacement for that position.. But later past few weeks one of collegue email two of us (me and my jiran) that company already advertised in fofular job website for accountant position.. Hmm..this collegue asked me to apply *no matter get it or not*, but I dont really in mood updating my CV..besides we also think maybe they want external candidate *klu nk org dlm buatpa la gi iklan kat internet kan? baik la canang2 kat kami ni*

Just last week new FM asked me.."tau kan ada position accountant, xnak apply ke?..rasa mcm lg senang amik internal candidate"

We have some talk..I dunno whether I gave silly answer or not...but indirectly I rejected to apply although seems that it will be highly chances for me to get the position *ok2 my ambition is to become accountant since 15 years old..then if I get it means I fulfill my dream to become accountant before twenty nine plus one*

My reasons for not applying
- My due date will be end of June, so I have about less than three months to pick up the new responsibility, at the same time need to transfer knowledge current position, plus before going maternity sure I need to transfer knowlegde new position...(heh banyak beno benda)
- Then 3 months maternity will surely give me peace of mind from work..but later once coming back surelah need to pick up back (udahle br belajar lps tu cuti 3 bulan haruslah lagi terkedek2..hari tu pun take few weeks pick up balik kerja yang dh setahun lebih buat)
- I dont want my stress level will be jump and rocketing..erk afraid later go for early maternity due to stress
- I dont want to become greedy (altho not sure how much increase in paycheck..)
- I am not ready to come back during weekend, last time sr accountant always come back on saturday during closing (but weekdays she dont stayback..) I just rethink whether I am silly or I should say the thing comes at wrong timing..maka rezeki itu adalah yg terlepas? No idea..

Just hope that I will get better offer in near future esp after our 2nd baby arrive!

(I think I rethink again and again because I just met one of classmate during ACCA, he is currrently Assitant Vice President *altho he said he still macai..kena jugak buat kerja but the title is something..*, itu tak citer ada yg dh jadik FM *still long way for me kot?*..yes by comparing to me mcm langit ngan bumi..I admit my career progression slow..


  1. Inshallah....rezeki bergelar puan accountant akan datang jua pada masa yang sesuai...fokus pd afham dgn coming baby regret for sure


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