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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, April 4, 2011

AYoM : Memey dh terror..awak?

I know I promised to write few series of " A Year of Motherhood – AYoM", but unfortunately I always have my normal problem to update it...

I remembered towards end of my first pregnancy, I keep asking myself "can I handle my baby?"

The truth that I never babysit any baby..even never hold any newborn baby..kalau ada pun pegang budak yg dah 5-6 bulan and above. Rasa mcm lembik je pegang leher baby ni..erk takut mcm2 so on

So I was trying my best to learn through reading (at least some basic knowledge..altho I knew that practical, real life experience totally different)

One of the book that I read was this

I cannot remembered when I bought it, but it was likely years before maybe masa mula2 kahwin kot or even earlier...thehehe

While flipping thru, I noticed Memey in this book *ok masa tu trilogy Memey-Norman-Abby sungguh hit hot..fofular and top gossip..sbb tu recognised her..pdhal buku tu dh berkali2 tgk but earlier x perasan pun dia*

So I showed this page to encik suami

Tgk betul2..Memey kan?

And guess he said "Memey dh terror, awak..?"

Erkkk....I didn't reply anything...ya that time still thinking whether I am capable of being mum

Now after a year, I believe I can handle my own baby and Insya Allah it will be better with 2nd one

The truthful encik suami afraid to handle newborn esp bab mandi..sbbnya sekarang je baru dia mandikan Afham...barulah rahsia terbongkar..ekekeke

So for mum to be...don't worry. I believe you can handle your baby when the time comes. No worries although you never have experienced it before..just learn along the way and motherhood instinct will lead you!

Pstt..If you notice baby yg Memey pegang tu bukan pun newborn baby!


  1. betul tu..kalau kita takut nak pegang anak org..nnt anak sendiri sure boleh punya..janji kita buat..takkan nak biar anak melalak srg2 kan..hehe..

  2. kalau baby besar macamtu ai berani pegang.. tapi kalau yang baru lahir sebulan dua tu..belum lagi..lembik sangat.. takut patah anak orang..[huhu]


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