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Monday, June 27, 2011

AYoM : Seven baby items that I love

All those cute little tiny baby items can drive you crazy..Then there are soo many things that sometimes actually you don't really need it (but u bought it with intention ur baby will use it)

Then all the hormone rush also makes you wanna buy and buy and buy...Haha I wont blame this esp if u are first time mother

So after a year plus (actually I should post it earlier..but hey at least I post it altho a long delay...), I can conclude seven baby items that I love *and of course within my budget*

1. Snugg Diaper Clutch

Although I have diaper bag with changing mat, I love this diaper clutch. Diaper clutch is a clutch and a diaper change kit.

The reason because I dont have to "struggle" to find what I need inside the diaper bag *sumbat macam2 itu ini*.

The good thing it is single hand operable..unstrap-unroll-change diaper-roll-strap. It has two pockets to put diapers, baby wipes, napppy cream
Updated : Diaper clutch and SSC bought from Liz Yaakup @ http://snuggbaby.com *however if not mistaken nowadays you can only select those listed in the website compared to previously when I bought, we can choose from the wide range of material design that she had

2. Snugg soft structure carrier (SSC)

Geng bas sekolah..hihihi

Although nowadays I do not use it (but soon will use it back), I always consider it as a good purchase. I requested it with few additional items (masa tu Liz mmg amek custom made..so mmg dpt few item add on yg custom made)

The most that I like was carrier sleeve..lipat2 SSC tu blh jd mcm mini handbag..!

3. Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream

I consider it mcm macam magic cream...ape2 naik kat muka sapu je cream ni...

4. Romper (xde gambar sbb dh malas nk upload)
If I need to pack additional clothes, romper will always in list...sbbnya idakle terpack baju+seluar yg x match..(hehe maklumlah spesies pack last minute)

5. Food jar

At first I bought both jar for nursery. Then I discover that this food jars really helps me when it comes to weekend.

Usually during weekend we will go out and just bring the food jar...so while we enjoying our food at Secret Recipe, Delifrance, food court or anywhere eating places, he also can enjoy homemade cooking! *xkanle baby nk mkn mekdi..kecik lagi kan?*

But lepas dh setahun, belasah jugak ape yg kitaorg mkn..(but still tapis2 jugakler)

6. Munchkin fresh food feeder

I bought Munchkin fresh feeding set (food grinder + fresh food feeder). But unfortunately grinder tu until now still not in use. Because Afham start eating bubur bertapis - bubur blender and the I thought to use grinder untuk bubur blend kasar2...he skip this part terus makan bubur mcm kita makan tu (eventho de gigi....)

But for the feeder its really a great purchase. Simply put vege, fruits, or anything that suitable and our baby can enjoy the food by chewing and sucking! It like healthy lollipop

The most his favourite food is mango! *even he will cry, pdhal I just want to add more fruits and remove those serat2 yg tinggal dlm meshbag..hihi ke agaknya dia ingat ibu nk amik dr dia?*

7. Ball

Sometimes we do not really need to buy expensive toys *tp biasalah mak ayah eksaited beli mainan*. Simple toy like ball can actually make his day. "Ball are fun for just any age"

I bought playballs from Tesco (together with pool....so can use 2 in 1). I just roll at him first and ot course at first he quite amaze

Then when he get older he crawl after it..now he can bouce it. Sometimes he will crawl around the house after the ball *kdg2 tgk mcm anak kucing main2*

Nowadays dia baling, kick..and so on with the balls

The good thing it also can be use during bath time!

Ok..This will be the final series of AYoM (A year of motherhood), since I dont think it will be easy to update (altho I have few things in mind)


  1. Hi Ryyhan...nk tny diaper clutch tu beli kt mana lah?


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