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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breastmilk jaundice

Have you ever heard breastmilk jaundice?

Before this Afham also have jaundice after he was born, but nothing to worry as his jaundice level reduced every check up...but for Alif its totally different

Every time we visit the KK, his jaundice level considered stagnant..balik2 at level 12..sekejap 12.3 lps tu 12.6 turun balik 12.3..We even followed those petua kurangkan jaundice baby eg jemur sekejap, mandikan dia ngan TYT baby bath, mandikan ngan daun kucai, bg minum sket susu kambing, minum sket air anggur, bf almost every hour

So on his 14th day, doc advised us to refer Hosp Serdang *at first we though to go Putrajaya..since he was born there..but doc inform that Putrajaya send memo that they wont accept any jaundice baby at that moment due to soo many cases they handle*

So we went to Hosp Serdang, and the doc took his urine and blood for futher test. A week after that we went again for the result...I cannot remember the Dr name, but she nicely explain to us the result...and also she checked Alif...she commented Alif progress as normal baby - from stool, weight...the only thing Alif look "yellow".

Dr said Alif had breastmilk jaundice...nothing to worry and she said I should continue bf. The only thing she cannot guarantee till when Alif look "yellow". She just mentioned it might takes almost 2 month for Alif to be free from jaundice.

Then I remembered that Farah @ Sarakids posted here that his son also had breastfmilk jaundice. After reading it I conclude "be patient.."

Besides breastmilk jaundice, we also asked few question to this nice Dr *dh alang2 jumpa Dr tnya la bagai*...we noticed that mata Alif kerap bertahi mata...asikla kena bersihkan. So Dr jawab nothing to worry, sbbnya kilang air mata Alif tak terbentuk sepenuhnya. So dia kata just might takes few months. If not mistaken by 6 months still having this problem, then need to be refer the case to hospital. Besides she also teach simple eye massage untuk Alif. Till this entry written, sebelah mata dah ok..sebelah lagi masih lagi bertahi mata cuma rasanya bertambah baik sedikit demi sedikit

Another thing..keliling anak mata Alif (mata sebelah kanan sahaja) ada mcm gelung bewarna merah...Then Dr said nothing to worry..itu hanyalah urat just takes time urat tu hilang and normal *betul pun lps seminggu dua mata Alif dh ok*

Ok berbalik kepada breastmilk jaundice..even when we went for 1 month jab at KK...all nurse asking whether Alif ok or not since he still look "yellow" we have the answer "breastmilk jaundice"...Tapi nurse plak mcm tak bila diorg kata ooo ni prolong jaundice..maka kami iyakan saja.

Alif still look "yellow" until he almost reach 2 months esp on his 2 months he look normal..and at least we no longer worry that the turn orang kuning Digi...*just kidding!!!*

So...for moms out there, be patient, and if unsure check with the Dr. Follow their advice/ test and if unsure get 2nd, 3rd opinion.... Oh ya sila jgn nangis meraung2 sbb anak anda kena cucuk berkali2 untuk amik darah *Afham dulu kena cucuk banyk kali gak sbb kes UTI, Alif plak sbb check jaundice...nasib ibu dia tak nangis walau dia mmg takut tgk jarum*

Saya bukan org kuning Digi..saya Alif..*didera pakai cekak oleh ibu dan cikde*


  1. takpela kuning pun, comey jek.. janji sihat ye tak? :)

  2. Alolo, sangatlah comel anak Cikde ni yek. Ha ha.


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