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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kenapa saya suka Annas Easkey

Don't get me wrong when you read the title of this post...Hehe while blogwalking I found this contest yg hadiahnya shoot percuma..(Last time I joined this giveaway but tak de rezeki..last2 wat jugak photoshoot posted here guna kupon Milkadeal..

So if you asked me who is Annas Easkey yesterday..surelah jawab "ntah..sape ntah.." (anak dah 2 maka hal2 baby, budak2 jelah yg tau kan, betul tak gitu ibu2..)

For those want to know him, read here

After reading his blog and amazed with his talent..I decided to join the contest..Menang ke kalah lain cerita janji dh usaha (Lg plak baca budak UiTM Segamat...akak pun budak UiTM, org Segamat)

So hereby, Kenapa saya suka Annas Easkey

1. If on 3 word, I will say bukan GYM yg org senam2 tu..tapi Gifted, Young, Multi-talented ...browse his blog and you will amazed with all the pics !

A picture is worth a thousand words...this really proves

2. He care for the needed one despite he earned ribu2 (tu buat keje smbil bljar..klu full time?).Read here his visit to Rumah Anak Yatim
(Tips : Derma ke Rumah Anak Yatim boleh include dlm tax form dgn syarat approved - usually mmg ada tulis something mcm ni "derma ini dikecualikan cukai pendapatan" and make sure simpan resit as a proof)

3. He start from zero and build up his name...ok senang cakap bukan dr "produk segera"..

4. He shoot all-freehair-hijab, org biasa hinggalah artis, kahwin-family-event-project x. But at the same time he still provide services at affordable price..tak caye sila check tab promotion

I really heart this pic..

rasa nk je amik family shoot tu tp budget xde :(

5. He organized contests..boleh tahan banyak jugak..hadiah pun best2

6. He shoot not only beauty faces yg jelita-kurus-model, but also plus-sized etc.. senang cakap tak memilih org

7. He love babies..baca sini. (Erk babysit Afham ngan Alif boleh? teringin nk dating tgk wayang ngan Husband citer Nasi Lemak 2.0...erks ape kes ek)

8. I believe he really adore his mum. Contest pun I love you mom..of course he can turn mum as super-hot-mum thru his pics

The rest maybe ada lg, but cukuplah eight reasons here..

I never met him personally, so most likely the reasons here based on observation and reading (I believe we can know person from his/her writing tho it might not be 100% betul)

For more superb pics and details you can click below...



Last but not least


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