9-10-11 | Wonderful motherhood
Wonderful motherhood

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Do you notice something?..tarikh hari ni agak cantik sembilan-sepuluh-sebelas

Hehe..seems that mcm trend plak kan nak tarikh cun2 ni 11.11.11, next year 12.12.12 or maybe 20.12.2012..

And you know what, I even "berangan2 la" kunun nak baby 12.12.12 (since dh xde dah 13.13.13 kan...but Allah bg rezeki awal -Alif..), so really think that no additional family member next year..*tepuk dahi kalau 3 years in a row bersalin...surela tergelak2 segan lagi dgn Dr Hamidah mcm masa mula2 gi checkup 2nd pregnant*

But, I still have another option...planning for baby 11.12.13 *Husband sure pening kepala...*

Enuff..enuff..back to reality..again I have abandoned this blog quite some time. I've back to work for 3 weeks...and to be sincere I still cannot manage everything..kuli-isteri-ibu 2 anak.

Tired with all those thing..and sometimes I really cannot do whatever I plan...to date still didn't publish Alif delivery story.

Sometimes I think I need new handphone with all those internet so that I can draft my blog entry..and once in forthnight plan all those scheduled entries"sound easy-peasy right?"

So till then, hope I can have my sweet time to write..but before that I hope can settle "tongkang pecah" as soon as possible..


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  2. alamak.. nak jugak la baby 11.12.13...hehe


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