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Monday, November 14, 2011

4 years...

....and its four of us (now I wonder how many kids we have if we met earlier =p)

Do you remember the moment/ the very first time you know ur husband? My husband sometimes asked me like this "Yang, kita dh kenal berapa lama ye?" and since I am not super romantic to remember all those important that, my answer always like agak2...

So while looking back to previous entries here and here, it really helps to remind me the first moment we say hi to each other (even tho its thru YM)

Oh on top of that husband also always asked hong long we have been married...the recent one like this

Husband : Kita dh kawen brapa lama?
Me : Dua taun lebih la
Husband : Ye ke? apesal br sekali jek celebrate anniversary?
Me : Lah..dh yg 1st tu afham baru seminggu lahir..sy dlm pantang, nk celebrate cmne?

So I'm really glad this online diary reminds me almost everything! Thanks to all those tickers also

While writing this I notice few things
14/ 11/ 07 - first time say hi
14/ 3/ 09 - our big day
and last but not least the gap between 14 /11/07 to 14/ 3 / 09 is 16months..which about 1 year and 4 months

Does it look like 14 is our lucky number or perhaps just a nice coincidences?


  1. hihhihihi anak yg ketiga nnt mintak la 14hb jugka lahir :)

  2. :)
    Hi dear. Happy 'Say Hi' Anniversary to you and your hubby!!


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