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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, November 17, 2011

R-V-C..red velvet cupcakes


Mat bunga? No he enjoyed the flower..

Remember when I posted my sweet cravings?

Finally I got a chance to taste RVC. Tried to recall and manage to find her entry here which lead my pregnancy hormone to crave for it *tapi kan dh sibuk2 pulak kena minum air gula impian nk makan RVC tu punah..lps tu bila Alif meleleh air liur barulah terkedek2 cari entri tuh*

On top of that my father, brother and cikde came to celebrate Deepavali here *1 Malaysia kan?* So I quickly placed an order with Ilot *makan ramai2 lg meriah xgitew?*

Paling tak tahan we changed the place to collect till last minute..from PICC to Cyber and end up at Dobot, Seri Kembangan *dekat2 ngan bistro ape nama tuh...nanti den tulis balik..yg mana husband Ilot keje kat situ*

She also gave me extra 9 cupcakes *thanks Ilot, moga rezeki kamu bertambah2* Haha actually when I told husband I ordered 25 cupcakes, he said "banyaknyer.." Well actually its just nice...*perhaps xcukup..nasib dpt extra*

Since it was my 1st time having it, I have no prediction about it...but to be true it taste sooo good..so yummy the cream cheese until I cannot stop eating..*but simpan jugakla dlm fridge since Aan tulis it tastes better and better after few days in the fridge*

So for those interested to get Red Velvet Cupcake, you can contact Ilot at http://ilotskitchen.blogspot.com/. In case she do not pick up your call just sms her.

In between here is the pricelist *price when I bought it..ilot kata dia malas nk update kat blog..so kita tolong yer..*

4oz 16 cupcakes RM55

2.5oz 25 cupcakes RM65

1.5oz 50 cupcakes RM75

The actual size of 2.5oz

Besides RVC, you also can check other cakes that she have at her blog. Opss not to mentioned that she also soon having catering business


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