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Wonderful motherhood

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tak tahu nak update apa...

I really dun know what to write....blogwalking and hoping could find the writing mood, tapi nan hado..

Thinking to write all the cuti2 malaysia budget tapi ntah bila...suprisingly this year bnyk gak jln2 cameron, genting, tambun...and very soon Insya Allah ke bukit gambang..

New job errrrm...tak tahu nk kata...mixed feeling. The accrual account so messy...bnyk lg x reverse those entries dr tahun 2009. Even all those prof fess ( audit tax so on) sume dlm accrual...paid and also the accrual itself dari tahun 2009 onwards...sudahle SAP mcm outdated version.and all the while i used to review somebody works tp this time xde..

Collegues blh dikatakan best, boss ermmmmmm so so kot...asik dtg meja tnya u buat ape...mcm irritating plak..pstu kejap2 suh tolong post reverse...(tak sabar2 plak tuh..suh dan2 buat) siap expect u should perform because u r senior..erk br 2 minggu..account, cost centre sume x familiar lg.

Till then...not sure whether I should start find another job..


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