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Wonderful motherhood

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goodbye - Thank you - Good luck

Finally the day...the last day

After almost 4 years with this company (perhaps I should minus 6 months since dah dua kali maternity leave kan), I would say there's a lot of thing I learned.

Besides for almost 4 years I believe a lot of things happened (erk I mean..married - pregnant - and pregnant again)

Afham Alif pernah masuk majalah co...sekali ngan anak omputih tu!

Plus career wise have an opportunity to become so called accountant
Penah la sain gitew2..hehehe

And the rest, I wont forget the interview with French boss with a statement " you are too young to become accountant"..Yeas I went for accountant interview but later joined the company as financial analyst *again sometimes this really misleading because I dont think my job doing analysis thingy*

Ok lets end the day with goodbye - thank you and good luck! Jumaat start tempat baru! Phew...

Eh lupa..this is second time hantar surat resign & say goodbye kepada boss yg sama! Zah jgn nangis!


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