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Wonderful motherhood

Friday, March 8, 2013

Another resignation

Farewell cake (me and another temp staff)

Today is my last day with xyz sdn bhd (not real co name). Yeah it is short time, I only survive for about 4 months.

It is hard decision..I am not sure whether I wrong at the wrong time or whatsoever reasons.I had one day rest from previous co and once with this company I think I work like crazy!!!

I accept the offer because of the pay and the job consider something similar what I have done earlier - month end closing, accrual, prepaymant, balance sheet recon, audit...and yada yada

But once I join, the list seems more than that. It includes asset (something that I never do before, plus there is no proper training, just learn from someone that learned from the resigned person). Plus the workload also including helping controlling team (mak ai..keje sdiri terkial2 kena plak tolong org lain)

Another thing, maybe because I joined almost towards year end, it was busy with audit...need to update asset master list (wohoo its a super duper long list), and of course answer auditor queries (plus helping drafting the report) drives me to long working hours and almost every day I came back 8pm and above. There was many emotions part like whenever I came back (esp late), once masuk kereta Alif while smile and laugh happily because he just missed breastaurant!

Due to workload, I am not able to cope with his milk milk supply also drop (from pump twice a day, I only pump once a day...)

Not to mention, I have never ending sickness..uhuk uhuk, ah coo, ah coom...its like on off flu, cough, sneezing and so on. Not to mention after working 2 months, I already took 2 and a half MC. Then some others day I had to force myself to finish my work, while not feeling well.

This even makes me think that I am pregnant. Twice pee on the stick, but its negative. Yes I am not pregnant, but my body keep on sicks!

After much consideration on 1 Feb, I gave resignation letter to my boss. No such drama, he said " I have to accept it" (maybe he also noticed that I keep on sicks!)

It should be 28 Feb as my last day, but due to some monthly reporting I agree to extend until 8 March...

So for time being, I will turn as SAHM..not full time SAHM, because will send Afham & Alif to nursery so that I can continue with kemas2 rumah and so on.

I have long list things to do here and there (yes I am not supermom, because all the while it is hard for me to wake up in the middle of night doing housework, cleaning, organizing and such..tried few times before but the most only 1 hour before Alif started to cry - dia cm blh tau ibu xde kat end up most of time I will sleep whenever he sleep)

I will look for a new job once ready, for time being no online shopping and concentrate on house improvement project!

Thanks for reading..Happy Friday everyone ^_^


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