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Monday, March 11, 2013

Review : Pureen and OK Baby and Mydear warehouse sale (2010-2012 ) 2013 but the entry supposed to be post 2010 (ok nevermind..lumpsum everything)

2010 Pureen warehouse sale
Total spending : RM127 (couldn't itemised due to couldn't remember exact price)

1 romper, 3 set (long sleeve+long pants), 1 set (short sleeve+short pant), 1 shirt, mix (2 long shirt, 2 long pants)

Wipe (2 jar). Wipe (2 packets), 2 wide bottle, 1 sippy cup,1 towel, 2 teether, 3 bottle brush

Review : We went on Saturday. I think arrive the warehouse sale around 2pm++, but damn jammed...just grabbed whatever left. And I think this is the first and the last time I went for Pureen warehouse sale..

2011 OK baby
Total spending : RM124 (couldn't itemised due to couldn't remember exact price)

Towel, baby napkin, mitten + booties (about 4 pairs), 6 bottle 8oz (dont think its BPA because if not mistaken sold it at very cheap price..bolehla beli wat minum air masak), sippy cup

mix2 (manage to get 6 pair), 1 pair short sleeve + long pants (ni macam ada stain sikit), 5 pairs (new and they hang it nicely)

Those mix range from RM2-5 per piece..RM2 biasa yg baju lubang2 tu..then those nicely hang (dah elok2 je pair xpayah susah2 cari mix and match range dlmRM5- 20 (if not mistaken yang RM 20 tu beli 1 percuma jatuhla sepasang RM10)

Review : Went it during confinement (bkn awal2 tp time tu alif dh 1 month cmtu), Not congested, maybe because they do not advertised internet. I knew the warehouse sale since our house is not far from the OK Baby (so they put bunting around Puchong). Husband help me to take care Alif (bf him before start the hunting, and he sleep inside the stroller while I managed to settle everything).

2012 OK baby
Total spending : RM126

12 bottle 8 oz (BPA free), 7 pairs (short sleeve + short pants), 3 pairs (short sleeve + long pant)..all the clothes bought was nicely hang…so just grab whatever that I like. Free sampul duit raya (masa tu bln posa)

This time I found it was hard to get those yang lambak2 (yg ni actually cheaper usually 1 piece at RM2-5), but still consider within my budget as bought 12 BPA free bottle and 10 pairs clothes

Review : If not mistaken they do promote in their facebook, but I don't think it was not crowded (perhaps Ramadan). Those yang lambak2 tu mcm bnyk baju baby girl la end up beli yang dh siap2 gantung je. Baju bkn takat tuk baby, budak2 pun ada..sume baju2 ni beli tuk Alif, botol tuk Afham

2010 Mydear warehouse sale
Normal price : if not mistaken RM240, got it at RM 170.

Review : Can be very crowded if came evening. No pictures for few items bought at Mydear warehouse sale like tolocar and safety gate...

Usually outside the Mydear warehouse sale there is booth (not Mydear), couldn't remember exact price..Haha until now the Hello Kitty still new (erm tggu dpt baby girl)

Overall, I considered myself as lucky because stayed at Puchong (OK Baby, Mydear is within the range..xde sesat2...and of course can come as early as we can) :) ups plus duit minyak, tol mmg save..


  1. setakatni saya tak pernah lagi dapat pergi warehouse sale macam ni..rasa geram je tengk barang2 yg banyak kat atas tu..

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