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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cameron Highland - in memory part 1

I am among those that update blog not up to date..blame on my mojo.

I considered we had a great vacation somewhere a year ago! Its Cameron Highland (CH). I bought the voucher from Groupon around Dec 2011 (at first before bought it, I just simply email Equatorial to check on validity for few preferred date. Them replied promptly and here we go I managed to get the Groupon voucher! )

We went around end of Feb 2012. It just perfect time, the whether just perfect, the strawberry is just nice to be pick up (main attraction kat sini kan strawberry..klu dtg xdpt tgk cam rugi tu)

The only not so good I planned the vacation Sunday to Tuesday.

Tips to Cameron Highland : Bear in mind some of the shop/visiting places closed on Monday (except school holiday-if not mistaken). The reason because during weekend they need to open (yeah during normal weekend many people come visit CH)

I considered the vacation as the most enjoyable and also the most planned vacation. Even had a folder just for CH inside my hard disk. (Perhaps maybe have two kids, need to consider those certain important point like hospital/ clinic, ATM, petrol station and yada yada...)

For those that interested to visit CH (esp those first timer), do visit

Below here my vacation plan (not followed 100%, but managed to visit most the places visited here).

Itenerary to Cameron Highland

If we have a chance to visit CH in future, I must visit Opah Strawberry Farm to taste all the delicacies (rasa sehari nk pergi baru terjumpa 2 entri nih - and . Actually pegi gak Opah Strawberry Farm ni tapi cuma dapat makan ais krim malaysia je..lain2 xde maybe again sbb datang hari senin - chef2 bercuti kot!

I will continue with other part. Stay tuned Cameron highland part 2, 3, 4...(Tepek collage gambar2 CH extract from my photobook)


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