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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home organizing and improvement : Dapur oh dapur

When it comes to organizing and such, I believe I still learning and still need to reorganize again and again...and sometimes there is limitation like small kitchen, not enough space, not creative to arrange and such..

So today I am sharing what inside the cabinet specifically bahagian bawah dapur masak2

Below the before - tong gas dan rice dispenser (ok agak sbb arwah emak simpan beras camni maka sy pun ikut)

But there is some problem, since I dont cook every single day I am not able to estimate...yelah xblh nak agak bila beras dh habis..end up kena bukak tong beras tu. Then I found that kuali lg sesuai simpan bawah ni sbb space, but the problem is I hate to hack the wall...nk pasang mcm railing pstu guna s hook gantung kuali..ayayayay

Found this from Daiso, and think maybe I can put my kuali and tudung kuali..

So transformation as below. I change the red rice dispenser to clear transparency rice dispencer...so it will be easier for me to check rice level. Then the thing I bought from Daiso just perfect to put kuali and such..xde tumbang2...

So for time being, I am ok with the things...but for this few weeks think to transform again with better look..

So stay tuned! 


  1. assalamualaikum! very NICE blog! we're in the same direction...let's share our home organizing plan! yeahhh!!! ;D

  2. salam, wow good idea, i have problem to check the level of main rasion too :) transparent container good move :)


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