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Wonderful motherhood

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh my brooch !

Being a mum, I think I'm always in a rush..Mandi pun berapa minit, sikat rambut pun most of the time skip...and then pakai tudung pun kena express..Phew

When it comes to find a brooch, I think sometimes I have a hard time to find..kadang salah sdiri letak merata

Previously I kept all my brooches and small accessories in small boxes. Alah kadang kan beli brooch ada dapat free box...recycle jelah. Then when in rush sometimes I need to check so many small boxes (pstu dah jadik mak2 ni kadang sakit lupa...dulu2 ingatla box mana ada brooch apa, lama2 xingat dah)

Nice boxes

Later when I discover Daiso I just in love ! Mak suka...lagi suka sbb ada clear box that can keep those small things like brooches

Inilah bendanya..RM5 satu
I bought few boxes, and the good thing it comes together with 3 partition - so we can adjust accordingly.

After a spiring cleaning my brooches, presenting the new look...Tadaaa 
Brooches, bangles, butang baju husband pun ada

It is much easier to find brooch, because of the clear box..So I don't need to spend more time looking and looking for tiny miny brooch.

Oh ya please keep somewhere where your little one, couldn't find it...Otherwise you will become monster once you see your little one playing with your things!


  1. hubby sy beli utk ltk tools item..daiso mmg best..tp kena make sure worth beli brg dia kan? sumtime tu tak berbaloi dgn rega rm5..hihik


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