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Friday, March 22, 2013

Review : Photobook

This is not a sponsored entry.

(How I wish ada sponsored entry...bila la dapat turn nih?)

I knew Photobook quite some times and even had a plan like "My first year book" for Afham. But it tooks ages for me to have it one.

Until somewhere around early Feb 2012 (yeah I knew it should be backdated post). Since I subsribed to Photobook newsletter, I saw this promotion. 75% off for 11" x 8.5" Imagewrap Medium Landscape (40 pages). Original price RM 256, but pay only for RM64.

So I bought 3 voucher. At the first place have some problem with credit card payment. Maybe my mistakes also because decided few hours before the deal ended (or maybe internet pun problem..whatsoever).Managed to contact customer service, and they are willing to extend the promotion (but the expiry date for the voucher remain).

If not mistaken the voucher expired around early August..but I started doing it phase by phase. I have to give credit and BIG thanks to Asma Salleh , as she willing to answer all those silly question from me about photobook (ok I think I am not good on this plus I have no time to study here and there..shortcut email tnya mcm2). Oh ya she provides photobook services (how I wish I have extra budget...blh dia tolong buat...maybe another time klu ada rezeki)

The 3 voucher used for my first year book (afham + alif) and celebrating 3 years of love (kunun mcm dr mula2 kawen smpila anniversary ke 3). Not to mentioned although it was done phase by phase, still last minute submission (nasib internet rumah ok..xbenjol..klu tak meraung beb)

So presenting my-not-so-very-creative photobook. For Alif and Afham, I use the same so called template...(malas nk lebih kurang je rupanya..cumanya certain months Afham ada banyak gambar, Alif plak cinonet je, kena adjust tang tu le)
Belah tepi..

Belakang..sume sama


Those early pages..nampak tak sama je (Atas Alif, bawah Afham)

Some other pages

The last gambar dari hp nokia cikai
Nak menyelit gak gambar pengantin lama

Special date to be remembered

Another page

Cuti cuti malaysia
Overall I am quite satisfied with the end product. Plus they have super fast services...macam baru je hantar dah dapat end product. Even though most of the pictures taken using normal camera (no DSLR), the quality of the picture still good for me. (Klu pakai DSLR mmg cantik..lg cantik klu pandai bega2)

So, why wait..get one for yourself

P/s : simpan photobook from your little one. One fine day baru boelh tunjuk..takut koyak kan?


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