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Friday, April 5, 2013

Organizing shawl, hijab etc...mari menyusun koleksi tudung

I guess every women that wear hijab have their own hijab collections...No matter tudung pasar malam, or radiusite, qaira hijab or any brang (erm tudung pun berbrand gitu) surely you will keep it in your wardrobe.

How do you organize it? In a special drawer,special hanger perhaps..

For me I found this item really helps
The star

Originally all hijab, shawl (those yg xde awning yer..kang tanya sume tudung kah) were folded and keeps in one of the drawer. But I have a big problem, amik tudung sehelai dua...lepas tu some of the tudung start la macam rupa sepah. alahai

Then when I saw this organizer from my sister (but she keeps other things) I knew it will be perfect for organizing my hijab. So asked her to buy it from me, but after several months it stay as new because I never do any spring cleaning!

Since I have become SAHM (temporary), I just realised that I need to reorganize my shawl, hijab and such..

Some of the tudung bawal, shawl which I think I will not use in future will be donated (tgh kumpul sume sekaligus baru hantar)

Then come to sorting part , I use each compartment for one specific grouping like inner ayunar in one compartment, inner neck in one compartment and the for the rest of hijab that I have (yeah at least I think I don't have overload hijab)

After the sorting, folding and such presenting my hijab organizing

The good thing and the most I love about this comparment organizer, my hijab stay nicely even I took one or more hijab..see below I just took my tudung rose (kaler coklat tu yer..sila compare ngan atas)

Oh ya my sis bought the compartment organizer from Giant..but no worries since nowadays you can easily get like bamboo charcoal storage from Groupon, Milkeadeal and such (not only to organize hijab, you also can keep other things like underwear and such macam kat bawah ni)

Hopefully I give some brilliant idea for you to organize your hijab collection ^_^


  1. Idea menarik!!!

    klu tudung awning pakai jenis hanger ada sepit tu nampak kemas kan?

  2. Oh, tak terfikir nak simpan shawl mcm nih..selalu sangkut2 je kat rack lepas asyik jatuh2 sbb kdg2 anak2 tarik..hihi!


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