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Monday, April 8, 2013

How to tell your boss that you are pregnant?

Ok first thing first I am not pregnant, but while doing super spring cleaning I found this (haha never though I keep it until Alif 1 year 9 months!)

For first pregnancy I do not have any problem to tell my boss, maybe because it was something that people can expect. Newly wed and of course within first year of marriage people will surely asked "bila nk mengandung?"

But when it comes to second (plus the gap was considered close), I have to say that I had a hard time to tell my boss...

So what I did previously, I came to her place and talk slowly "Boss I need to tell you something" After that I wrote like above sticky note...Then she asked "how many weeks?" Again wrote in the same paper.

Then she smile and said "Good what..." Phew what a day.

I just realized that I can simply sms her to break the news (skrg lg senang sms, whatsup, wechat je ngan boss). Pfttt...haha maybe masa tu xboleh pk kot

So how about other mommies? Do you keep it secretly from your boss until the baby bump showed?


  1. bos kite soh kabo cepat bile dh tawu. pastu dia x suke if dgr drp orang lain. maybe mcm kite x respect dia as a boss kot. entah ler. layankan aje.

    kite ritu ada peluang ckp bile berduaan dgn dia dlm meeting room. terus bgtau tgh preggy. masa tu dah 10 weeks kot huhu. thank god she's okay. x lama lps tu berjangkit kat opismate lg sorang. kahkahh


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