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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun with your little one : It's stamping time...cop, cop, cop..

Earlier I shared the activity that I had with my kids (aqua doodle). So today I am sharing the activity that Afham called as "Ibu, nak cop,cop,cop

I found the Stamping set from Jusco (RM12.90) and later I added another roller because I afraid both of them want to have the same thing at the same time. I got the small roller from The Store (RM2.50)..all the way from Kedah (ok masa belek2 stationery I saw then pk why not beli je kan another one)

Some pictures taken, while they are busy with the activity

Khusyuk betul kan?

Masa 1st time buat, Alif nangis bila tgk tangan dia comot...but the next round rilek je..just wipe tangan dia ngan tisu/ baby wipes

Gwiyomi kah? Actually nk tunjuk pakai apron

To be safe, I would recommend to have your kids with some art apron. Mine is actually Ikea's baby apron because at first I though to get Ikea art apron, but to my disappoinment dah habis (nak tunggu gi Ikea ntah just grab alternative product). Nak tau sebab pe kena pakai apron...sbbnya tangan Alif yang comot2 ngan ink tu dia terus sapu kat baju (nak basuh kena plak extra step plak kan)

Kids are happy with the activity. For Afham, he also learn something like he mentioned what he found out from the stamping activity (kita tnya la ape ni? nanti dia point and answer accordingly)

Some of the final output
Oh ya, they stamped it on the drawing papers. Hopefully I can give some ideas for mommies out there the activity they can have with their kids.


  1. mcm2 cop aida ada utk anak2 dara berdua kat umah ni.
    they love it!


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