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Monday, May 20, 2013

Organizing kid's wardrobe

For almost 3 years I am using a basket to keep all my boys clothes..Ya just a cheapskate, and maybe during that time no plan for their own room

So everything dumped into the basket, but I will arrange accordingly like baju siang, baju malam, baju jalan etc. (Pls ignore the below arrangement, I just took the picture to show the basket that I use)

Lonngokan masa in the midst arranging all their clothes

So when the plan to have kids room, it include the arrangement of their wardrobe. After searching few shops, we managed to grab the one that I like (ok husband tolong drive, ibu yg decide the final product)

So we have the wardrobe that have some space to hang and the rest some drawers. So the plan is to hang those mix and match clothes (which most likely pants and shirt for outing) and the rest daily clothes to be keep inside a Skubb from Ikea

To become a little bit organized, I DIY wardrobe divider, just a simple one (ok no template but I will share later the DIY step)

DIY Divider
How is it turn? I think just nice at least it will be easier with some divider

Spotted the divider?

For the daily wear, I just have some free printable to label the Skubb box. Afham and Alif both will have 3 main box which siang (baju basahan siang), malam (baju basahan malam), jalan (untuk jalan2 but all inside the box adalah baju sepasang yg lebih molek drpd baju basahan siang...since its already have appropriate pair maka xperlula gantung) 

Printable labels

I just use this A4 multi purpose adhesive labels. Bought it from Jusco 10 pieces for RM 3.90. I just print it using the printer at home (no specific setting, just like A4 plain paper printing)

Here the output...just cut it nicely and paste it to the Skubb

The whole view (yg belakang2 dlm Skubb tu xde label sbb rasanya senang nk tau..)

For Alif clothes, I use the same method only that his clothes keep inside the drawer (later will show the whole picture of the wardrobe)

So that's all for the kids wardrobe. Till then


  1. kemasnye....
    bekas baju kaler turquoise tu beli kat mane? cantek, semuanye nampak seragam. =)

  2. @ siti fatimah..beli kat ikea (

    ada gak kaler lain purple, hitam, putih dan jugak turquise

  3. nampak teratur lepas organize semua.. :)

  4. Rajinnyer....cantekla. Sy tak sempat lagi nak buat mcm ni. teringin sgt

    Jemput singgah

  5. Yeahhh sungguh kemas...dan what makes me more teruja is...The LABEL!!! Yeahh sgt cantik both of the techniques tp paling paling suka yg bulat tu...!! ;)

  6. warna hanger sedondon...suke3! wah, klo bole sume bende saya nak belek. suke sgt3.

  7. I love how the Skubb(s) fit perfectly in the wardrobe & the labels look nice! Tahan lama tak dia lekat tu rasanya eh? Thought of buying one.

  8. @ xeea skubb tu xdelah perfectky fit tang dlm drawer (sgt2 fit dlm drawer..yg almari main tu mmg just nice)..xtau le sticker tu tahan lama ke tak sbbnya baru je letak..klu xtahan kita fikir cara lain plak

  9. weh..... ko nie mengalahkan company aku yang nak apply 5S.... aku baru jer kemaskan meja aku ikut 5S.... kat umah, x larat la aku nak 5S.... kat ofis pun macam nak gile aku kemas sebab 5S nie.... itu pun belum sempat nak labelling bagai macam ko....

    jemput la baca post aku pasal 5S:

  10. Wah...kemasnya. Thanks for the idea ☺☺

  11. bluelover follow here...i m a decolova too.!!


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