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Monday, July 15, 2013

{Sticky note} Jom join survey dan dapat token worth RM45!

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Hi everyone

George Lee from 3M Malaysia (3M Purification) is conducting a survey. If you are able to spare some time to complete a survey, he would like to have you as a part of market research and analysis.

This is an open invitation to women and man (age range as below). No matter you do not use or use water filters – tak kisah ye abang2 kakak2 pakai water filter murah ke mahal..janji just spare some time.

The survey basically covers on residential water filters. It is to measure consumers' factor consideration in choosing and buying water filter.

George need about
(1) 30 women (age: 28 - 40 yrs old)
(2) 20 men (age: 30 - 40 yrs old)

As token of appreciation, the first 30 women and 20 men respondents will receive a 2 items - Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissor (worth RM35) and Scott Brite Microfiber.

Ye abang2, kakak2 adik2 bukan dapat satu token tapi DUA TOKEN! (klu abang2 boleh hadiahkan kat wife…pasti diorg suka gadget dapur ni)

For those interested
  1. you can leave comment here (sila bubuh email address ye, so I can email the questionnaire to you); or
  2. email me at gitps@yahoo.com. So that I can email the questionnaire to you; or
  3. you can directly download. Nak save just click File > Export as > Excel (mcm printscreen bawah ni). The direct link to download https://docs.zoho.com/sheet/ropen.do?rid=ulvpzde7050fd6a494436ab308501c5a5060a

Feel free to distribute it to your family member, friends and colleagues…jom meramai2kan jawab survey!

Instruction for questionnaires
  1. Fill in tab Q1 to Q5 / Isi tab Q1 hingga Q5
  2. Make sure put the full name and house address, so that George from 3M can send the token directly to your house / Sila pastikan mengisi nama penuh dan alamat rumah supaya George daripada 3M dapat menghantar token ke alamat rumah anda.
  3. For Q4 and Q5 there is 2 part – A (if price increases), B (if price decreases) / Untuk Q4 dan Q5 ada 2 bahagian – A (jika harga naik), B (jika harga turun)
  4. Once done, kindly email to George (gbudiyanto@mmm.com) / Sila hantarkan kepada George (gbudiyanto@mmm.com
  5. Wait for your token / Nantikan token :) (understand that George will courier the free gift)

Opss rupa token seperti di sebelah
Some good review of the product

Another token pula (removes and trap dust..leh guna lap cermin mata, cd, dvd, camera lens and so on)

Tunggu apa lagi..cepat bertindak...bgtau kawan2 anda jugak!


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