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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kids having fun at Kid'z Paradise(The Mines)

To be honest, I think I am a little bit stingy esp when it comes to indoor kids place. Perhaps the main reason is the charge (huhu pricey weh!)

But when early this year, I saw a promo from Living Social of Kid’z Paradise. Without having a second thought I bought it.

RM10 per entry per kid

I bought it because it is cheap and I can redeem it till early Aug 2013. (hehe simpan voucher sampai pekasam tau). To my surprise around Feb 2013, Living Social claimed that I have redeem one of the voucher (I bought 2..xkan beli 1 je kan? The mines tu mmg la pegi tapi redeem voucher on working days adalah impossible, pstu leh plak tnya kot2 husband bawak..erm bab beli2 online ni husband xmasuk campo). So it started consumer-Living Social customer service-Kid’z Paradise ding dong email. 

To cut it short Kid’z Paradise willing kata voucher tu as x redeem lagi, while customer service Living Social not really help (since dia cuma jawab voucher tu dh redeem dan suh myself contact Kid’z Paradise. Nasib la once I attach reply email dr Kid’z Paradise, Living Social cepat2 tukar balik status as voucher tu belum guna). Enuff on this matter

So I only use the voucher early Aug 2013, a week before raya. It was really worth it, since the kids really enjoy it

Both of them really enjoy the cassia seed area

Khusyuk tu!

Overall facilities are really good. They offer free wifi (so parents can surf while observe the kids).

Kat tepi2 tu biasa mak ayah yg lepak smbil wifi

Oh ya you need to wear sock during the visit (you can bring or buy it at the counter)

Good news, I saw a promotion from Living Social (tho it is not cheaper as before but still cheap than the original price). If you are interested, grab it or you can also get the offer from the Kid’z Paradise itself (one of my friend baru2 ni gi sana dan dia beli promo voucher kat kaunter Kid’z paradise cuma dia kata offer kat kaunter tak de 4..hnya ada 8 and above)

Bukan entry sponser ye, tapi just hebah2kan kalau korg interested

Some of the pics taken

Sempat lagi peace

Inilah cassia seed..bukan pasir ye

Kuak lentang lagi

Boleh gak wat birthday..since ada special area

Kalau anak main ni sila monitor, masa kami pi ada budak terlanggar budak lain..lebam on the spot..tapi yelah tak sengaja, excited main smpi laju2

Helping each other..Brotherhood

So if you are looking a place for indoor activities (fun activities- develop motor skills - colourful and attractive) for your kids I recommend Kid'z Paradise, The Mines.

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