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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yogurt Cheezy Cup

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Have you ever tried to include yogurt into your cooking?

If no, then perhaps you can try it later (especially after reading my simple-easy-peasy recipe ^_^)

With preparation time less than 20 minutes per dish and cost of ingredients less than RM 30 per dish you can enjoy the goodness of yogurt (Of course one of the ingredients is NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt)

Presenting my humble recipe..ermm I am not expert in cooking but my kids love this very much!

Yogurt Cheezy Cup

For yogurt cheesy
250g cream cheese at room temperature
150g NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt
200-250g condensed milk (depends on the sweetness your liking…I just use almost half of the small tin)

For filling and topping 
100g chocolate chips
Cookie / Biscuit (any flavor that you like)
Almond flake
Yogurt cheezy cup ^_^

1. For easy chocolate syrup (filing) - Boil chocolate chips and some water. Stir until choc chip completely melted.

2. Chopped almond flake (coarsely and not too fine, as I decided to have some crunchiness)

3. For yogurt cheezy
- Mixed cream cheese, yogurt and condensed milk till soft and fluffy (in my case I use blender, so just put everything and blend it)
- Add some cookie (optional). I didn’t break the cookie, instead put everything inside the blender and blend it

4. Add the chopped almond flake to the yogurt cheezy mixture

5. Now for layering part
- Put some yogurt cheezy
- Followed by chocolate syrup
- Put again yogurt cheezy
- Followed by chocolate syrup
- Yogurt cheezy
(optional: you can put anything for the layering)

Ni dah buh yogurt cheezy and chocolate syrup as filling

6. Drizzle chocolate syrup and keep in the refrigerator for a while or overnights. Best serve chilled.

Drizzle chocolate syrup and you can refrigerated it..sorry bab deco makanan ni x berapa expert

You can always have different filling and topping -  biscuit, chocolate, blueberry/ strawberry filling, fruits etc. Not to mention you can have more layer and use nice long glass / container. For this recipe I got about 5 serving...

Some fun fact of NESTLÉ Natural Set Yogurt
It is a healthy ingredient that makes your curries richer and tastier.
Each serving of 100g contains only 57kcal and 1.6g of fat compared to 28.3g of fat in the same amount of santan (coconut milk).
Above that it offers a refreshing base for dips, a perfect marinate sauce and creates mouth-watering desserts and smoothies as well.

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