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Friday, December 27, 2013

Ngaku/ Arrowhead Chips

Ngaku / Arrowhead

Since it is almost CNY, I believe I need to share this recipe with my readers. I knew this about past 2 years, and it is something that you only can have it once a year! (yes it is seasonal, sama cam Prosperity Burger)

The only things it is a little bit tedious, but the taste is soo delicious. (Previously husband keep asked whether I add other special ingredient). My kids also enjoy it!!!

Arrowhead / ngaku
Salt (to taste)
Cooking oil

1. Peel the ngakus. Wash and drain ngakus.
2. Slice them thinly. Do not wash them after you slice it
3. Heat the oil and add some salt to taste (Ada yg rendam arrowhead ngan air garam, pstu drain br goreng..ikut masing2 la)
4. Add in slice by slice, and no overlap. Fry the ngakus
5. You can enjoy it

Ngaku Chips

For more info and step, you can check here

I remembered that last time while I was busy choosing the arrowhead some Chinese keep asking me whether I knew to cook it (sbbnya sorg2 pakai tudung di celah2 Chinese…pstu muka macam yakin2 je tau masak, pdhal masa tu baru 1st time nk cuba)

Last week I saw Tesco started to sell arrowhead, however Tesco Puchong do not sell it in loose (nak kena amik dlm kotak siap2).  Huhu perhaps I should try to check with other supermarket, otherwise I will miss the arrowhead!!


  1. Nampak menyelerakan sungguh ye...wahhhh lain dair yg lain

  2. sedap..x letak garam pun dah cukup sedap...


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