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Thursday, January 2, 2014

KC oh KC

I should post thise entry quite some time ago..Perhaps since I am not a full time blogger, I always try to skip from updating it.

Since I have some time I would like to share some basic things for kitchen cabinet (KC). Most of the info here was taken from forum Cari (gigih tau baca banyak part…dan paling best tokei  KC (Patric Unity Design) sdiri yg jawab mcm2 soklan kat forum tu, and lucky enough since positive feedback and workmanship I ended ngan Unity Design, plus point mmg deal ngan Patric for quotation and design. Ok itu dh few years back pun, Unity Design pun dah jadi Unity Kitchen..even diorg dh bukak showroom kat sebelah IOI Puchong.

STEP 1  : List out your requirements on a piece of paper such as:

  • How many appliances do you want in the kitchen? 
  • What do you want eg. Working space, open concept, etc. 

STEP 2 : Selection of shops and check on their credibility:

  • Visit their showrooms and check on their workmanship. 
  • Get sound advice from the kitchen consultant 
  • Have a wide range of products. 
  • If any, provide flexible payment scheme. 
  • Bring along your floor plan. 

STEP 3 : Finalized design:
• Ensure that all matters eg. types of appliances will be place in kitchen, the position of the extractor fan, the kitchen and layout design, etc. are discussed with the kitchen consultant.  

STEP 4 : Get the M&E from the kitchen consultant:
• Ensure that the M&E points and position are done at the site before installation. 

STEP 5 : Installation of kitchen.

If you are rich enough, you can skip most of  the steps..tunjuk contoh KC idaman dan cakap “I nak macam ni xyz and for payment not a big deal”

Haha…tapikan since kita2 ni belum cukup kaya lagi, maka kenala adjust2 antara fantasi dan reality kan?

So basically for KC need to consider for worktop/ table top and also the cabinet itself

Worktop/tabletop ada banyak jenis.. 
1)meico hardboard top (papan)
2) concrete tiles 
3) solid surface
5)corian top

kalau nak pilih worktop...kriteria yg perlu diambil kira :
Penggunaan - kerap kali guna or x?

Ni formula amik kat forum Cari
Kalau kerapkali guna + style + ada budget besar = granite
Kalau kurang guna + style + budget rendah = mieco
Kalau kerapkali guna + style + budget rendah = tile
kalau kerapkali guna + style kurang + budget rendah = solid surface jer
maksud saya murah tu solid surface guna simen jer
kalau guna solid kayu mmg la mahal tp jarang la org guna solid kayu semata melainkan kayu tu dilaminate mcm mieco la cuma bezanya mieco guna compressed habuk kayu dan dilaminate( biasanya mieco ada 10 tahun warranty)

So for cabinet itself
3G Glass
Acrylic Door
Solid Semangkok

Just google it from internet, you can easily view different type of material.

So usually for further consideration you will end up considering
1. harga
2. material
3. Ketahanan dan jangka hayat
4. maintenance (nak jaga)

Crash boom bang..ke-ba-boom!

Below are  guideline and some estimation how long time need for the KC as follow (jgn ingat sehari dah siap ye..unless cam The Apartment). So you can arrange if you need to take some leave (espy g beli rumah yg mmg dh duduk baru wat kc…kena la monitor keje diorg dan jugak takut2 kes kecurian ke kan?)

Berapa lama diperlukan untuk buat kabinet?

1)Jika table top guna kayu, dalam 4-6 hari boleh siap dan pasang biasanya dalam sehari.

2)Jika table top guna konkrit dengan tiles, minggu pertama boleh siap meja konkrit. Selepas meja konkrit siap, cabinet contractor akan pergi ukur meja konkrit tu dan mula buat kabinet. Lebih kurang 4-6 hari boleh siap dan pasang biasanya dalam sehari.

3)Jika table top guna solid surface atau granite, lebih kurang 4-6 hari boleh siap kabinet dan pasang biasanya dalam sehari. Selepas pasang kabinet, cabinet contractor akan pergi ukur kabinet tu dan mula potong solid surface atau granite. Lebih kurang 5 hari boleh siap dan pasang biasanya dalam sehari.

For those that look some tips, I think you can read Fizah’s entry here (http://susunatursioca.blogspot.com/2013/03/tips-merekabentuk-kabinet-dapur.html ). I love when she mentioned “Cleaning (plus stor mini)”…sbbnya mine masa design my KC ada fikir gak nk put some area nk simpan penyapu and such tapi lps tu rasa dapurku kecik maka cita2 tu diabaikan..until now still have problem nak simpan penyapu tau!)

So stay tune for part 2, will share the whole process of my KC (ok xdelah ke-ba-boom, tapi at least adalah tempat nk simpan pinggan mangkuk and such)


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