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Monday, January 6, 2014

KC oh my Kitchen Cabinet

This will be a long entry

When I try to draft this entry, I think I almost give up, because it was actually like digging some past information. Can you imagine my KC completed on 18.08.2010, but I only managed to post it here in Jan 2014? 

So please forgive me if I left any information, but I tried my best to give some clear picture the whole progress

STEP 1  : List out your requirements on a piece of paper.

After reading information here and there, taking into consideration of not-too-small, not-too-big kitchen, I just put some budget around RM5-6k (excluding hood, hob, etc).

I want to deal with one company that can settle with wiring and also plumbing.

I want L shape design, built in handle, concrete table, and ventilation hole (below sink and hob). Originally I want some pull out table like below. But after considering that it might not really practical or whatnot I just stick to simple design

For the door I think I opt for melamine (considering 3G as well if the price is within the range). Ni masa mula2 la kan

STEP 2 : Selection of shops and check on their credibility:

July 2010 - We visited 2-3 KC shops, but I found this is not fun. Since that time Afham still baby, it was a little difficult. So I just email few companies to request for quotation (attached the floor plan and mentioned my budget RM5-6k).

Inilah pelan dapur..xbape besar saiz dapur dalam 7x11 kaki

I got few respond (not all replied, but at least some guideline on the pricing and so on).

At the same time I tried to ask Patric from Unity Design to come over my house for quotation (rasa masa tu dia agak glamer kat forum Cari, so just try my luck..bkn pe takut cam payah nk slot in suh dtg rumah bg quotation kan?)

24/07/2010 – Patric came over to my house. Have some discussion and what I want for my kitchen. Dia siap katala rumah ni siling tinggi, so kalau nk wat cabinet tinggi smpi siling akan nampak heavy on the top (and not practical, walau boleh simpan mcm2 kat cabinet atas tu)

He came out with below design (terpaku tau sbb xde pakai software ke ape, just lukis sdiri)

He came out with few quotations, and after little negotiation the best price for concrete top and melamine board was RM 5,300 (free 5 plug points, sink double bowl, plumbing, ventilation hole and built-in handle)

After thinking and considering budget and so ever, I agree to choose Unity Design.

Since I still not have hood and hob, Patric asked me to get it (ok KC adalah custom made, maka klu dh beli hood, hob siap2 ni mmg dh bagus)

I asked him for shop recommendation. He mentioned a shop opposite Tesco Puchong (xingat nama)

On the evening itself, we rushed there to get hood and hob. Bought Rubine hood and hob at RM1.5k

STEP 3 : Finalized design, Installation of kitchen, A – Z 

I just put everything in one step, but this is the biggest step and a little bit longer

25/7/2010  – Malam tu kelam kabut alih barang2 bg clear dapur ..yg tinggal benda2 besar diorg alihkan

26/7/2010  – dapu dh start pecah2, concrete br pasang...masa diorg sibuk2 settle bab concerete table,  hood + hob baru dihantar (so concrete table tu mmg kena fit2 ngan hob)

Concerete kering amik masa 2 hari. The staffs asked whether on 29/7/2010 they can come to put on the tiles on the concrete. Both of us not available. Then they recommend 2/8/2013, again both of us not available on the date (tu yg payah wat reno after dah duduk rumah tu..kena amik cuti tuk monitor so on) 

4/8/2010 –  baru pasang tiles

8/8 / 2010  – Kim of Unity Design came for final measurement. Bincang2 kaler pe minat..nak add pe2..dia inform gak ducting cmner (okeh ducting ni sometimes tokei kc sdiri leh buat, tp Kim mention la diorg prefer ducting ni dr kedai beli hood+hoob. Ducting tu salur asap keluar hood, kenala tebuk dinding sikit). 

Masa ni la mention nak frosted glass kat cabinet atas sebelah hood, request gak 2 tier basket. Tak silap masa ni pilih warna tuk 3d design

9/8/ 2010 – They came for sink and piping job 

10/8/ 2010 – received the final quotation (lebih detail dr first round quotation). Sbb ada add in few thing maka jadikla RM 5,780.

At the same time received the 3D drawing (boleh tak masa ni still xboleh decide putih atau coklat). Nasib diorg layan je, bg 2 3D drawing cam bawah ni)

12/8/ 2010 – Email them with few queries, pstu request for the last design since masa tu berkenan KC cam bawah ni (ada 2 colour combination). Tp myself nk hitam putih taik cicak

On the same day, received the final 3D design…

Finally decide this combination

13/8/2010 – they email to confirm that the installation will be 18/8/2010. Masa tu call jugak kedai beli hood + hob, tuk suruh dia dtg on 18/8/2010 tuk setel tang ducting, hood, hob

18/8/2010 – Unity Design came for the installation. Staff dr kedai hood + hob pun dtg sekali Take several hours and finally siap hari tu jugak

So total cost RM5,780 + RM1,500=RM7,280.  Bear in mind ni harga tahun 2010…mungkin ada yg kata mahal, mugkin ada kata berbaloi.

For me, rasa berbaloi, sbb keje diorg bagus. Datang mmg on time, xde delay..yg lambat sbb kdg2 kita xleh commit on the date yg diorg nk dtg..then delay sbb myself xboleh decide nk KC kaler ape. Rasa masa buat ni dalam kira peak season jugak – rasa cam bulan puasa raya. 

Lagi satu yg bagus bayar deposit rm100 je, final bayar lps KC dah siap.

Walaupun ini bukanlah KC idaman, tapi sekurang2nya rasa happy jugak…klu ikut kehendak nk tukar tiles lantai kat dapur (sbb kureng sikit warnanya), nk mosaic kat dapur sikit…nk ada magic pull out system so on. Tapi tak dapat benda2 tu pun xpelah. Janji mak ada KC *ha ha*

Ni kat bawah nak share my final quotation (harap2 dapatla bagi guideline nk agak2 kos KC anda, tapi yelah masa buat ni tahun 2010, skrg dh 2014 sedikit sebanyak harga dah berubah. Unity Design pun dh jadi Unity Kitchen)

Tak sempat nk suh other KC company datang tuk bg quotation sbbnya rasa masa tu dah dapat best deal

Eyh sure nk tengok full picture lepas dah siap kan? Ni je yg ada..xde yg update sbb time ada mood nk amik gambar dapur selerak, time dapur agak2 ok malas nk snap


  1. ramai jugak tengok blogger buat dgn unity kithen...lawa! 2010 tapi still in utk 2014 :)

  2. Quite rare i could see a green Kitchen Cabinet, looks so smart!

  3. Cantiknya kitchen cabinet ni. Sudah tengok harga. Tak mahal pun. You grabbed a best deal. Jornes


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