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Monday, March 31, 2014

Learn to read?

I have no idea where to start…erm but I knew that some kids can read at really young age.

My kids? Hmm I am pretty sure that they can memorize (which is not reading, but hapal…).

Sometimes I feel bad, because seems that the activity that I do with my kids is more on play (lempang diri sdiri, main pun belajar jugak..hand eye coordination, kenal warna, mengira and so on).

Then while gathering information, the more I read I just feel a little bit stressed…haha sbb baca2 skrg org guna phonic, which abc is not sound like we used to learn. Plus 4 tahun baru nk ajar baca (even past few months, my father asked whether Afham can read or not since part bercakap Afham mmg x de masalah)..Adui rasa cam terlambat kah? (sabar2..better late than never)

I bought a series of this book, just show few pages to Afham and he seems not really interested…(ok mak tak tipu, rasa cam OMG cmne ni nk ajar anak baca…chill, chill, chill anak baru 4 tahun come on la Zuraihan, ke sbb tunjuk buku tu lama sgt?). The series came with VCD, which I just watched it (hmm..still rasa apekah mampu nk ajar anak baca ni).

Oh ya, we already send Afham to kindy. I saw one of his reading book, but I think he progress on average kot (kot sbb xtau nk compare ngan sape…plus its almost 3 months and still just few page..alahai. Tried to asked him to read at home, but he more interested to read other books at home (ok bkn dia baca, ibu yg kena baca….which I found he can memorize some book yg dh ulang2 baca). But since he is at Islamic kindy, he progress well like Al-Fatihah, 3 Kul, and reading in solat (ayat nk bg sedapkan hati..hmm)

Tarik napasssssssssssssssssss

Before start reading, of course we need to check our kids know ABC…erm Afham can sing ABC but ada huruf akan hilang, part menulis ok je la kalau ikut buku titik2, part recognize not really 100%.

Tarik napasssssssssssssssssss lagi

But he loves books…I mean he can asked me to read books (usually I let him to choose, kadang balik2 keje dh request nk baca buku). I realised he loves picture books (tapi buku phonics beli tu ada gambar2 tapi apesal dia cm kureng?)

While google some technique, I found Nadia shares here (http://mommynadia.blogspot.com/search/label/Learn%20to%20Read ) some techniques which I think I should try it. I just trying some activities on starfall.com and I believe that my kids will enjoy it..Yup ibu try dulu sblm bagi anak2 try.

Then another link that I found as useful guide shared here (http://amomsjourney81.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/helping-young-children-to-read-the-four-4-components/) , which she use a combination since each technique have pros and cons.

So perhaps for time being I should buy few reading books and flash card (lagipun buku kat rumah dok ulang2 baca yg sama, Cuma baru tambah 1-2 buku baru je)

Peter and Jane Mini Set Box

Peter and JaneKeyword Flash Cards

Paul and Mary Progressive reading

Dah beli kena rajin, betul tak?


  1. good sharing, i pun start reading session dengan my kid, , teacher said he reads well but writing not pressing..

  2. Within the training program, the kid also socializes with other people and makes friends, also is very healthy for kids. The aim of numerous mental maths training would be to
    teach children to read and not rely very much upon calculators and any additional electronic gadgets that bring calculating. Thanks for the nice article


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