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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blogger card

This is a random entry…since tak de idea nk update ape..cuti2 xde, aktiviti ngan anak2 malas nk update lagi (yg sebeno malas nk upload banyak2 gmbo) , bab organizing and such x de sbb rumah dah tongkang karam…mood sume dh ke laut tak tau nk tulis pe..

I am not a famous blogger, and in fact I think I never bump anyone that suddenly will simply asked me “ni blogger kan?”

But at the moment I think that I need to blog to another level…yeah perhaps by having a blogger card.

The reason is just simple, I had a chance to attend few events and I believe it will be nice if I have a name card (or should I say blogger card). Exchange cards with other blogger and perhaps there is a change for network? (mana tau mak nak jadi peniaga berjaya nak promote panggil blogger2 dtg review…hehe mood berangan)

Since last year I received few invitations to attend events for blogger. If it falls on weekend, I am happy to join it (as long as it does not clash with personal plan..some tak dpt join last minit sbb anak sakit). Some I have to decline as it falls on weekday (how I wish that I am a full time blogger).

Tho the invitations is not that much (ala blog pun ikan bilis, suam2 kuku, nak update pun ikut mood dan time lapang), but still a chance to be invited! And perhaps in the near future to be invited…

But here the problem, the card should be something portray my blog..tak kan nak buh muka sendiri pulak? Mmgle kena someone design and printkan, but of course la kena bg idea gak kan..Aiyoh..


Alolo comel kan?

For time being kita scroll dulu design2 yg ada sambil riki harga (Nisa Kay penah order card kat sini)

(nampak few blogger terkenal order kat sini..nisa kay, yuyu zulaikha, akma omar, broframestone…)


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