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Friday, April 11, 2014

Little Scientist...learning science through the Hands On & Fun way :)

Anyone love science?

When it comes to science, I always can relate it to microscope, Bunsen burner, test tube and etc. I have to admit I got C5 for Physics, perhaps all the while I asleep while my teacher busy explained Physics concepts and so on ..Pftt…(at least I know my strength in Maths & Accounts)

I received invitation from Hana of Little Scientist for 1st Parenting Workshop with Bloggers, I just know that it will be good idea for me to encourage and giving an early exposure to science to  my kids. Haha but before went to this Little Scientist, I am not sure the kind of activities…because all the while we only had “Simple Science in the Bathroom” – a.k.a teaching them  float and sink (terapung  dan tenggelam)

I thought to bring Alif as well, but I afraid that I couldn’t handle two kids at the same time. Tried to asked husband to join as well, but he said he willing to take care Alif. So ended up Alif not joining (perhaps there will be next time).  Both of us the last one to arrive, since there was some misunderstanding the direction between me and husband .

So when we arrived, they already started first activity. Oh ya we receive a box of Little Scientist kit for the activities.

Little Scientist Kit

# 1 Activity – Red, Blue, and Yellow
This is simple but yet fun for the kids (hmm I still wonder why all the while this never come across to my mind to try it..pdhal ada la jugak guna water colour kat rumah)

They learned how to mix
red + yellow = orange,
blue + red = purple and
yellow + blue = green

So they get a chance to use test tube and after that combine two pieces of transparent papers that have the same effect as well

# 2 – Japanese ball
Inside the kit box, there is a flattened paper ball with a small hole. Ms Ho asked us how to make the flattened ball into a round ball..(hmm of course some of us just throw some ideas which none of it correct )

Can a ball inflate when we hit it? It can! When you hit the ball, you are allowing the air from atmosphere to be sucked inside the ball. This is something called the Bernoulli’s principle.

Haha I thinks parent is the most excited one when comes to this activity

Get ready..

After hitting the ball...see the final outcome

# 3 – Air Bag
We are given with one giant Air-bags 8ft long! Again at first we were asked to to blow it 20 times..Pfttt..semput mak

#tiuptiupsampaisemput...20 kali tiup penat weyh

Can we filled in the bag with one blow? The answer is yes, with some little technique we simply can fill in the air inside the air bag. This is the power of air.
Can you imagine with one blow can fill up this giant bag?...Lepas tau rasa magiknya

Giant Air-Bag teaches the fundamentals of Bernoulli’s Principal, which explains all about air pressure and the way air moves and acts.

Ms Ho also touched on Islamic Science (cthnya kita tahun Tuhan (Allah) itu ada, tapi tak nampak dengan mata..sama juga seperti udara yg kita tahu ada tapi tak nampak…) see just a simple thing which sometimes we tend to ignore.

In between of the activities, there was some slides presentation about Little Scientist.

Little Scientist founded by Ms Ho with a vision “To inspire Every Child to Love Science”.

Since 2002, the programme has been adopted by hundreds of kindergartens with thousands of children benefiting from it (To date about 450 kindergartens and still counting used their programme eg Brainybunch, Dzul Iman)

Last but not least, group picture (#iisexcited-sbb-ada-blogger-glamer-tau-youalls). Mcm Ayuni kita saling2 baca blog...baru ni first time jumpa

From left : Mior, Ben Ashaari, Mr Cheng, Ms Ho, Ayuni, myself and bringingupmummy (urmm forgot to ask her name)

Overall, it was really fun…Little Scientist bring some fun to science (In fact sometimes never though simple things are related to science!)

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