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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hands-on and fun experiment with Little Scientist

Back to my time, science was introduced during Form One. While during primary school, we were taught with ADM (Alam dan Manusia) which exposure of science, human, plant, animal dan etc (couldn’t remembered exactly but not mistaken ADM also have exposure about ASEAN)

Nowadays, science introduced at primary school. How about kindergarten? Have you ever heard or read Little Scientists Programme for kindergartens?

As early as 3 years old, our little ones will be exposed to hands-on and fun science via Little Scientists Programme. The Little Scientist is a unique programme with 12 years experience has been adopted by 450 kindergartens (eg Brainy Bunch, Dzul Iman) with thousands of children benefiting from it. Little Scientist mission is to inspire every child to love science.

For those that had sent your kids to kindergartens I recommend you to check on your kids’ syllabus. Bukan ape ye..esp nowadays tak macam zaman hantartadika kemas, skrg most likely hantar tadika swasta, bayar dah tentu2 la RM100 dan ke atas sebulan, kan sayang dan rugi kalau bayar mahal2 tapi xde sikit pun didedahkan dengan sains. If your kid kindergarten does not have science exposure, perhaps you can start recommend Little Scientist to the teachers. (Yay, I don't have to worry since kindy Afham mmg ada expose to science. haritu dia bawak balik projek taugeh siap selawat2 kat taugeh tu)

Little Scientist founded by Ms Ho The Eng, a mother of two.  She quit her job as an engineer to start the Little Scientist.

Ms Ho shared her stories. Ms Ho was awarded the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (Top 10 by Junior Chamber International Malaysia)

Little Scientist provide centralized training for all teachers so they understand the Little Scientists curriculum. This training also focuses on sharing creative ideas, better teaching methods, videos and helping teachers to remove any teaching barriers. Integrated Islamic value also added to their lesson.

Plus point, they do offers teaching aids, posters, flash cards and students kits which will make easier for teachers to teach science.  In a sum, everything prepared!

Teacher Experiement Set. Picture source here

Little Scientist system

Let me share Parenting Workshop conducted by Little Scientist that I attend with Afham and Alif. We learn science through playing technique, which is hands-on and fun!

Since we managed to arrive before the workshop started, Afham and Alif had a chance to explore the Magnet set

Ahfam with wonder iron 

Alif busy with bumper car

Oh ya when we arrived I saw each table with 2-4 plastic container with water. Yay it means the workshop will conduct water activities (Kids love water, isn’t it?)

We have 4 activities for less than 2 hours programme

# 1 Float and Sink
We were given with the Float and Sink kit. Personally I love the kit because I am  pretty sure that this kit will ease teachers (Even tho myself  did “Simple Science in the Bathroom” – a.k.a teaching Afham and Alif about float and sink (terapung  dan tenggelam), but the items are limited to their toys. Erm bila masa nk cari macam2 barang mcm bulu, batu  tu kan?)
The kit..pencil, cloth peg, etc

The kids were given to test whether the items will float or sink (stone, pencil, cloth peg, 2 types of spoon, plasticine etc). Argh forgot to snap the full kit picture earlier, since fully occupied with 2 kids perhaps.

Apesal tak tenggelam nih?

Tenggelam la, ibu...

# 2 Balance a ship with 5 marbles
The kids learn how to balance the ship (Dan jugak untuk tidak berputus asa! Sbb bukan sekali buat dah berjaya tau)

You can make the marble float...whohoa..

# 3 Magic sand
Some activities with the magic sand. The kids just love it

# 4 Toddler boat
The final activity for the day. Parent help to assemble the boat before the kid start to race their boat (Wohoo Afham dan Alif balik rumah pun still main boat ni kat “kolam mini” rumah)

Overall, the Little Scientist workshop was great. The kids not only learn science indirectly but also new vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, concentration, patience, follow the instructions, help each other and also sharing! 

They even asked me when the next science activities (krik…krik…krik…bagi ibu fikir ye dulu)

For those that do home school their kids, don’t worry you can always get some of the teachings aid and also kit from their online shop here (http://www.littlescientists.com/shop/)

For more information and details, kindly check the following links 

Last but not least, group picture (For myself, first time jumpa most of the bloggers, and most of them daddy blogger dan famous!) #kitamemangblogikanbilis #blogikanbilispuntakpejanjiadaorggoogleinfojumpablogni #tetibajehastagapekes

From left : Me , Huszaini Haron (orange shirt, father of  5 including triplets sisters), Ms Ho and husband, Hanim (next to Ms Ho), Fazrol (red shirt), Firdaus (blue stripe shirt), Hafiz (grey stripe shirt)
Gigih carik link diorang dari email ! (sbb cuma dapat 2 blogger cards)

So mum and dad lets encourage our kid to love science. 

Science is fun and interesting with Little Scientist!

(Pstt : This is the second time I attended their Workshop and you can read about the first workshop here


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