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Wonderful motherhood

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

JJCM : Fresco @ Main Place, USJ21

Eh tetiba semenjak dua ni banyak entri makan2 pulak..Ok, I am not yet a food blogger, but this few months we managed to explore eateries place.

Went to Main Place, just to explore this new place. Perhaps we always pass this area and saw Daiso, Uniqlo, Brands Outlet and Machine outside this mall and residence.

Since it quite new, it seems a lot of shops still in progress like Texas Chicken. Since we reached during lunch, at first we think to have McD. Tryla carik Texas Chicken, tapi lom bukak lagi. Then husband nk try carik taco kat Jaya Grocer and saw Fresco inside.

Both of us had quarter chicken with 2 side dishes and cost around RM17 each. The portion of the chicken quite big compared to Dave’s Deli, Nandos and Kenny Rogers.

Since I am not food blogger, this might not look tempting! But the chicken is cook nicely, not dried..cuma sos xberapa banyak

You also can order other foods like pizza, or perhaps purchase seafood from the supermarket and Fresco’s chef will prepared and cooked for you.

Fresco is Jaya Grocer's introduction of the 'grocerant' (which stands for both grocer and restaurant) to the Malaysian palate and taste. Located at various Jaya Grocer outlets, Fresco brings out contemporary style and wholesome cuisines from our freshest produce.

Boleh beli ikan2 di sini...tulis kat situ ikan dari kuala selangor


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