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Friday, May 23, 2014

JJCM : Nanny’s Pavillon @ KLIA2 ada pancake sedap !!!

Recently, we went to KLIA2 just to discover this newly open airport hub. (Some other reason my kids want to see aeroplane).

Since husband already tried Texas Chicken, I think we almost decided to have lunch over there. But when we pass Nanny’s Pavillon (Texas Chicken and Nanny’s Pavillon is just next to each other), Afham keep showing he wants to try the dessert (since ada gambar ice cream…budak kecik pun tempting)
Interior @ Nanny's Pavillon

The menu considered limited – beverage, lite bite, pasta, baked rice and their signature dish pancake.

Sundae RM5

We ordered Heavy’s Alvin Potato (RM10), Fit’z Carbonara Fettucini (RM18) and Y’nez Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake (RM18) and iced tea.

All three foods served at the same time…and we ate the dessert first. (Mula2 nk order sundae tapikan sampai kat kaunter Afham asikla suh order blueberry pancake tu…sblm dia terbaring dan start horrible four, order la lagipun JJCM…kenala try benda baru)

Heavy’s Alvin Potato is deep fried potato slices with chilli and mozzarella cheese on top. Kentang tu memang nipis, tapi cam ada yg terhangit sikit..sos pulak ala2 cam sos lasagne..

Carbonara Fettucini

Picture credit to husband…(Now I think I know that I should get iPhone for the next handphone..haha bygkan food datang, husband and me sibuk amik gambar..Afham ngan Alif pelik je apesal la xmakan tapi tangkap gambar)

Y’nez Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake is cheese ooll pancake with Nanny’s special blueberry sauce and ice cream..sedap. Husband not a big fan of pancake pun makan kata sedap.

You can read some view here 

We choose to seat this seating

My kids keep asking why the seat is with wheel…haha

Some picture from Nanny’s Pavillon facebook (nak amik gambar sendiri payahla ngan anak2 lagi2). 2 gambar bawah ni Nanny's Pavillon KLIA2 ye.

Rasa nak je amik sling bag tu

Kerusi pun bentuk beg

A little bit of  Nanny’s Pavillon
Nanny’s Pavillon is a conceptual French-American pancake restaurant that first opened in Bandung, Indonesia in 2009.

Restaurant ini mengasungkan tema:Garden,Terrace,Bathroom,Libary,Barn and Living room pada setiap cabang restaurantnya.The first one,tema Garden yang terletak di daerah Bandung,Terrace merupakan cabang Nanny di mall Central Park,Bathroom merupakan tema nanny dicabang Pacific Place,Living room merupakan tema di mall City Walk Sudirman,and the newest is Barn yg berlokasi di Alam Sutera.

All 3 pictures below taken from Nanny's Pavillon facebook. The interior is for their branches in Indonesia...cantik bangat sih!

Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room

Nanny's Pavillon Terrace

Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom

You also can check http://www.nannyspavillon.com/ for more details and pictures.


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