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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mood bercooti : Jom tengok Theme Hotel di Malaysia...

Biasa hari rabu ni blogger post wordless wednesday tapi xpelah kita post rabu ni banyak gambar *_*

Sempena cuti-cuti Malaysia 2014, jom kita cuci mata tengok 2 theme hotel ni..

1. Hotel de ART
3, Jalan Kristal AS7/AS, Section 7, Shah Alam, Shah Alam, Malaysia 40000

This boutique hotel is Malaysia’s 1st ART themed hotel, with 58 rooms designed around different Art themes. All well appointed rooms are individually designed with themes inspired by fairy tales, flowers & nature, fantasies, movies, cities like Paris & New York, mystical Egypt & posh Europe, cartoon characters like Hello Kitty & Mickey Mouse and even legendary superstars like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and even Lady GAGA!

Family room - My Secret Garden

Sweet gitu..purple pulak

Family room - Hello Kitty

Sweet..ok dolu2 mmg kita suka giler Hello Kitty..kalau dapat bermalam bilik ni bestnyer (erk tapi syok sorg2 la)

Family room - Hey Mickey

Sesuai sgt bawak anak2 yg minat mickey mouse

Triple Room - Cupcake Wonderland

Alolo cupcake dalam bilik

For the rest themes you can check here

2. Hotel Maison Boutique  
No. 36 & 38, Jalan Baba Off Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Hotel Maison Boutique accommodates more than 18 elaborately designed rooms with inspiring themes such as 'Atlantis' which is adorned with mock aquariums and 'Fairy Tale' suite furnished with royal pumpkin carriage and plush throne

The rooms
Premier Room
Themes: Oriental Charm, Atlantis, Monroe, Tree House, Fairy Land, Mission to Mars, or Gotham City

Executive Suite
Themes: Princess Suite, Bond Room, Fairytale, Love Bug, or Time Traveller

Executive Suite - Fairytale

Siap ada kereta kuda dalam bilik !

Executive Suite - Love Bug
Ni pulak ada kereta dalam bilik
Executive Suite - Princess Suite

Bolehla feeling princess...aww

Premier Room - Atlantis

Aquaria di bilik...

For those yg just nk relax2, bilik menarik rasanya sesuai ke sini..Sambil2 relax dan fefeeling.. mana tahu nk amik idea untuk bilik kat rumah ke

Thinking to stay one of this hotel...perhaps one fine day. Husband sila approve cadangan ini ye !


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