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Monday, July 7, 2014

Buying cheaper book online at NoQ Store (Read as No Queue Store)

I have started teach Afham to read. And up to date, he seems can read few words and sentence (or again I shall say he is memorizing. But never mind, at least I have started tho it will be likely try and error)

At kindly, he is introduced to Adam and Dina (its Peter and Jane – but Islamic version). I bought Peter and Jane, but he seems not really interested.

At the same time, I bought few books from “Read it yourself” series after reading few positive feedback. He seems enjoy the series. I use it as bedtime stories also

I found that some of the tittle from “Read it yourself” series for Level 1 is not available at our local store or some out of stock for quite some time. I asked one of online seller that last time open for preorder for this series and she mention will open for preorder in future.

Later, I was introduced to NoQ Store (Read it as No Queue Store). NoQ Store is an online bookstore of Times Publishing Group and founded in 2011.

NoQ Store is based in Singapore, but no worries as the website do indicate price in other currencies including MYR.

Here some interesting things that I found about NoQ Store

1-Various & Diverse Reads
With a database of more than 14 million international and Asian titles, spanning across genres like Children, Parenting, Cookbook and many more.

Breastfeeding books like The Nursing Mother's Companion (my favourite bf book), Islamic book and much more !

Tonnes of cookbook..but I have to stick to my aim - Read it yourself series!

I found my wish list books from “Read it yourself” series here! Yay! Next time if I couldn’t find the book I want from local book stores, I can depend NoQ Store.

2-Easy search
Searching for a book really easy with NoQ search box and they even recommend some or relevant tittle (Unlike some online bookstore where we need to indicate the search whether based on title / ISBN / author / publisher)

3-Lower price
I just made some price comparison and surprisingly they do offer lower price (Yes, I bought Frozen book even both my kids are boy – kids love to sing and dance, why not get them a book so that I can read to them

You can easily found rating and review from most of the books (especially if it is an international book). So you don’t have to find from other website on book review (Since online purchase means that you do not have a chance to flip through, it will be added value with rating and reviews).

5-Website layout and selection
I love the website layout of NoQ.  I can easily change the page size (either to view 12/24/60/120/240). Sorted my search either relevancy, date or price

6-Categories and subcategories
Shop for a book much really easy with categories at left side panel. The subcategories also really help a lot in finding a book

7-Bargain corner
One of the categories that catch my attention is “Bargain corner” as 21,000 and more titles as low as $2!

8-Secured payment
Some might have concern on buying things online and especially on payment. With NoQ store, you don’t have to worry as you can made payment via credit card (Visa / Master). For those do not have credit card, you can use Paypal (if you are unfamiliar with Paypal, just google it – it is save and a great alternative for those that do not have credit card)

9-Free Shipping (min. RM50 - West Malaysia and RM120 - East Malaysia purchase)
Even though NoQ Store based in Singapore, they do offer free shipping to Malaysia with min purchase of RM50 for West Malaysia and RM120 for East Malaysia.

As I mention in no 1, I manage to get 4 books from ‘Read it yourself’ series. Thank you to NoQ. I don’t have to find other overseas online bookstore!

And not only that, the team at NoQ Store are feeling generous and they’re giving an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases at NoQ Store for my readers’ to shop! Kindly use code RYYHAN at checkout. Discount code is valid from 25 June - 30 November 2014 (You still have time, but please don’t shop too late and you’ll miss this opportunity).15% discount is applicable storewide on ALL items, including items in the bargain section and sale items.

Oh ya, for those that shop at NoQ Store, they will email the exact delivery date (7 - 14 business days). Up till this entry, I still not yet received my order, as such I will update later the package.

Meantime, for more books and information do visit

Updated : I received email notification that my order is on the way. Yay! (I place order on 26 June, 7 July inform that my order is on shipment)


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