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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Little Scientists on IKIM ! Jom dengar IKIM tentang Little Scientists

Studies showed that these children learn most effectively not by hearing lectures or reading textbooks but through hands-on activities and an inquiry approach.

There's a lot of simple activities with kids that can relate science into it indirectly. Unfortunately, most of us are not a fully time mom that can concentrate and do more activities with kids. We will rely kindergarten to provide good basic and at the same time at home we can monitor and enhance our children' knowledge and skills

We in Malaysia, should be lucky as Little Scientists Program is uniquely designed to provide the positive hands on experiences by the young children. Previously I had shared on Little Scientists workshop here and here.

Some activities that can make our children learn and act as a little scientist

Mix the basic colour  - red, blue and yellow
Afham mix two different basic colour and get a new colour
At home we can use water colour, or food colouring
Floating and sinking
Alif is wondering whether the ball is floating and sinking.
Next we tried to put a small rock and the rock sink.
He repeat with some other materials
At home we can do simple activities while they have their bath! Kan budak2 suka main air?

When we do some simple science activities, the kids will start to asked "why? how? when etc " and try to repeat it again and again. In simple word the cells are started the connect. They will start to explore new things, learn creativity, and at the same time improve motor skills. One simple activity can makes more cells connecting!

From the above experiments from Little Scientists workshops, Afham learned when he red with yellow, he will orange and so on. Alif can guess which material float or sink. Believe once you start do some easy science programme, they will asked more!

On the other hands, from the two Little Scientists workshop that I attended with my kids I can conclude that my kids not only learn science indirectly but also new vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, concentration, patience, follow the instructions, help each other and also sharing! 

You can watch Little Scientist from Youtube, and perhaps giving some ideas for you to do it at home! But if at home, you do not have time to do it, you always can suggest Little Scientists to your children kindergarten. Ala sekarang tadika pun ada buat report card day, even they are happy to get you feedback on their kindergarten programme!

From the above video, we can see how the kids learn on "Water Cycle - How the rain is form". Kalau nak explain secara bercakap biasanya budak-budak kurang faham, tetapi kalau kita buat some simple activites they can learn and understand!

Little Scientists experiments have been simplified and they are age-appropriate for your preschoolers. The fun will begin and let’s ignite the children’s interest in science through our hands-on and fun science programme.  Through these age-appropriate and fun activities, the children will start to think using skills such as observation, analysis and inference.

You also can read Azidah's personal view (pengacara mingguan segmen Little Scientists di TV Al Hijrah di sini

Little Scientists programme also integrated with Islamic value. Syariah advisor, Ustazah Isfadiah and the Team, have integrated Islamic Values into Little Scientists programme.

Little Scientists will be on air at IKIM fm on 9 July 2014 (Wednesday) at 6.15pm. So esok petang jangan lupa buka IKIM fm dan dengar lebih lanjut tentang Little Scientists (kalau ada kawan atau saudara yang mengajar preschool sebar-sebarkan tentang ini..mungkin akan lebih faham tentang melalui radio tentang program Little Scientist!). IKIM fm boleh didengari di seluruh negara.Frekuensi bagi Lembah Kelang 91.5FM dan selebihnya refer sini

Sambil siapkan juadah buka puasa, bolehla dengar Little Scientists di IKIM fm, jangan lupa ye esok petang!

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