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Monday, October 27, 2014

Betul ke ada Eiffel Tower di Ayer Hitam Johor?

I remembered when we still in primary school, we went to this place. Of course we took a lot of picture, but sadly most of it did not turn up (back to that time, kamera semua pakai filem…). But I do remembered this place have Sleeping Buddha, Great Wall of China and so on.

I almost visited this place last year, but since lack of time and rushing to come back after raya ended up I didn’t look for the info whether this place still exist.

So when I planned for our short vacation, I looked out for this place…but I don’t really remember the name. I WhatsApp my sister, but she didn’t reply immediately. So I started typed “Sleeping Buddha Ayer Hitam…..”  (keyword hancur tapi nased jumpa) and discover that few blog shared about this place! Yay! That’s mean this place still exist after way back 20 plus years (Now I wonder when actually this place open..perhaps in 90s?)

The place is Tropical Village. Tropical Village located in Ayer Hitam. It is somewhere between Machap and Ayer Hitam exit (since we were from Johor, husband took Machap exit, visit Tropical Village, stop at Ayer Hitam for lunch, and went back to KL via Ayer Hitam exit)

It has much more attraction compared to when I went there last time. Opss before I forgot Tropical Village offer Mini World Theme Park, where you can find Eiffel Tower, Sleeping Budha, Taj Mahal and many more in miniature.

Tropical Village open daily except close on Tuesday. Here the opening hour and they provide accommodation (but I never tried it so no further comment)

If you have sharp eyes you can spotted the famous cartoon in blue

Tropical Village opening hour
Monday - Saturday 9am - 630pm
Sunday & Public Holiday 8.30am - 7pm

You can choose either to walk inside it or you can drive in your car. Ticket price is RM5 for children (3-12 years) and RM10 for adult. For a car you need to pay RM5.

Tropical Village entrance fee, chilld RM5, Adult RM10, Car RM5

The place is not so big, but if you bring kids (without stroller), parents, I will recommend you to drive inside, since you can park your car. (Kawasan agak berbukit di dalam, kalau cuaca panas..lagila cepat berpeluh dan letih)

From my personal view, the place is not really in good maintenance. Some of the toilets (especially at the back) cannot be used. Some areas rumput pun nampak panjang dengan kemuncup lagi. Ada juga ternampak tong-tong cat.

Other than that, this place is Instagram-able place!

Here the map of overall Tropical Village (from their facebook)

My kids become super-excited when they saw Ultraman! But the first stop we park nearby Great Wall of China.

Here some picture taken
Great Wall of China

Eiffel Tower

Statue of Liberty


There is some sculpture like Malay man, Singh, Japanese lady.

Spotted Macbook..haha

Alif nak gambar ngan pistol..lepas tu balik rumah bila belek gambar, Afham merajuk sebab dia takde ngan gambar ni padahal dia lagi banyak bergambar dengan kamera Cikde

There is more mini things, but I do not post it here (since the picture here only from my handphone camera and husband’s…some pictures taken by my sister not included here….). Bouganvillea Garden,  Leaning Tower of Pisa and much more might attract you

Next stop, husband parked at Lover’s Corner. Me, my sister, Afham and Alif went to Dragon and Phonix…since Afham just so busy want to take picture with Dragon.

Dalam perut naga, ada puisi orang putus cinta!
ini vandalisme namanya

We do not visit the Mini Asean Park and Malay Cultural Park so much (which there is local attraction like KLCC, tanjak, keris, etc) that not too far from Lover’s Corner. Perhaps it started scorching and the kids started to asked for Ultraman (save the best for the last!)

Some nice picture taken at Lover’s Corner.

Spotted 2 little pony here.  

The last stop, husband park nearby Cartoon Toyland. We had Dinosaur Train Rides..sebab Afham sibukla nak naik chunggiton..layan ajelah.

Right after that at Cartoon Toyland…Ultraman, Batman, Superman, Doraemon and many more.

Next to Cartoon Toyland is Fruit Basket Playground. I didn’t aware it is a playground..until Afham said “Ibu, Afham nak main tembikai…”

I thought it just another sculpture..until

It is a slide at the back!

Although we do not stop and take picture at all place, my kids seems really happy. Overall, it was a good visit.

Some mommy's tip here
1. If you bring a kid, it is advisable to drive in...bukan pe kang budak-budak dah penat berjalan, mak ayah budak kena dukung anak..kan stress? (unless you bring stroller along dan sanggup jalan kaki). Kawasan sedikit berbukit ye
2. Bring along plain water. Walau kat depan tu ada cafetaria tapi tak kan nak keluar masuk beli air.
3. Wear comfy shoes especially for kids.
4. Wear comfy clothes..especially kalau datang kul 11pagi ke atas. Bring along cap for your kids...lagi-lagi kalau yang jenis tak tahan panas
5. Toilet yang boleh guna kat cafetaria dan yg dekat  Fruit Basket Playground, kalau kat Hollywood tu anak nak terkucil, pakaikan ajelah pampers (ni masa kami datang ye toilet tu rosak..maybe esok lusa depa repair toilet, then ok jelah)

For more picture you can google it or visit Tropical Village facebook here.  Tropical Village ni pun ada kat wikepedia ye..

So betul kan? Ada Eiffel Tower kat Ayer Hitam…


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