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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tips: Mencari barang dengan harga termurah di deal-of-the-day website

If you are into Groupon and other deal-of-the-day website, you should read these tips

I used to subscribe for all offers from few deal-of-the-day website like Groupon, Milkadeal and so on. Until one time I realised my email flooded with all deals, plus sometime I found I need to open so many website (not to mentioned I ended up have to use specific email just for deals)

With the growing up deal-of-the-day website, I decided to unsubscribe my email from daily updates and use only one website to find the best deal among deal-of-the-day website

Here the tip and secret, look and compare the best deal using 

I found this website accidentally quite sometime, which I can call it as “google-for-the-best-deal”

Biasa kalau search guna google, so untuk search deals yang ada kat Malaysia silala guna dealshelve ye
Dealshelve aggregates daily deals from Malaysia's group buying websites and host them in one place. 

So here about Dealshelve (taken from their facebook)

What is Dealshelve? 
As more and more group buying websites made their appearance, buyers are having harder time finding the best deals across so many websites. Our solution is Dealshelve. Dealshelve provides you with easy access to deals offered by all group buying websites in Malaysia. You can filter and search for deals according to source, city and category. 

Which sites does Dealshelve Malaysia aggregate? 
Groupon, MyDeal, Everyday, MilkADeal, Dealmates, SuperDeals, ILoveDiscounts, JackCow, e9deal, EziVoucher, WeBuy, StreetDeal, Groupego, Hahah, MadnessDeal, CouponHouz, JigoCity, eBay Kuponan, GoodDeals2u, NiwoGroupBuy, Koupon, JoyDeals, Squarelet, Funtora, TheDealBites, Qpon, QmuRate, Grabit, Guben, JuzDeal, Beblob, WowDeal, DiscountDeal, DailySugar, Cheapskate, OrangeDeal, LadyJimat, RedElephant, GoShop, RakanShop, WheeGroup, Copycat, Deercoupon, Kupuns, Weconomic 

Ha banyak kan….even some website yang mungkin korang tak biasa dengar pun ada

Using dealshelve pretty much easier, just type for example “MNG” it will appear all the active deals that related to MNG. You can even sort for city (Klang Vally, Johor, etc) and the source (Groupon, Milkadeal, etc)

If you find something that catches your interest, just click “Grab it”. It will links to the respective deal-of-the-day website. Easy peasy right?

You can even compare for the best price (since sometimes the same item offered at different price, beza RM5 pun kena berkira kan?)

Other than that you also can choose for the deal by category. Let say you plan for a holiday, but still not sure where to go. Just click at category for “travel” Dealsheve will show all the travel related deals…

So the next part, let say you found the best deal, but not sure whether the respective website is trusted (ok sebab kalau dah selalu beli, ada kalanya terkena jugak…cth takut barang tak sampai berbulan-bulan, ataupun takut terima barang yang salah (esp kalau barang tu ada macam-macam corak)

Tip: Find for facebook the respective deal-of-the-day website !

Kalau baca banyak sangat komen barang tak sampai, ataupun refund tak dapat, customer service tak layan and so on, so sila la faham-faham sendiri.

Kalau dah banyak komen macam ni, faham-faham sajalah supaya mengelak dari membeli dari website ni

Kalau tanya website mana yang kena banned, I won’t disclose it here…sebab mana tau lepas I disclose sekian-sekian website tiba2 dia jadi lagi bagus nanti semua orang terlepas deal yg best pulak.

But to be honest, pernah la terkena barang sampai tapi corak lain…dan customer service reply yang tak membantu lansung.

Setakat barang sampai lambat tu, boleh predict la…sebab mungkin banyak order, so yang jual tu pun kena restock dan amik masa. But if let say dah 2-3 bulan dari estimated delivery date (most of the offer related to items will stated estimated delivery date), please contact the respective customer service

So make your own judgement. Be a smart shopper, tanpa merabakkan poket...

Hopefully this tips will help you a lot!


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