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Monday, October 20, 2014

OK tak hobi macam ini?

I think most of us would like to become rich, so that we can tick all the wish list (travelling, shopping, collecting handbag, buying big house and so)

One of my wish list is to travel overseas. But, I still wonder until when I can have the opportunity. (Fine, Malaysia pun belum habis pusing-pusing)

Tapi takpe, kalau tak dapat pergi cuti-cuti overseas, janji dapat pergi Umrah lagi bagus dapat pergi Haji.

So since, the wish list might be there until when (only Allah knows), I think I should have new hobby that won’t cost thousands.

Perhaps collecting miniature will be good. At least I have a hobby (Some time, whenever I went for interview, this question sometimes will pop up or it is one of the things that I need to answer in the application form. Tak kan nak jawab blogging? Kecik dulu memangla hobi kumpul setem, tapi album setem pun dah ke mana…so current hobi perhaps hanyalah blogging. Which I don’t think it will be proper to be answer when looking for a new job)

Here, some miniature that might catch your interest as well. I think it can be part of home deco (owh~anak-anak sila jangan main ye, ni koleksi ibu, korang silala main kereta hot wheel, kereta kecil ke besar tu ye)

All picture from Google.

Bas merah di kota London

Mini LV, jadilah kot?

Ni kat Kaison banyak kan? Eiffel Tower

Any idea where to get it? If possible online…if there is no online shop selling it perhaps I should looking it overseas website (mana tahu kot-kot kalau ada peluang dan pasaran, saya sendiri akan jual…minat bertukar menjadi perniagaan, ramaikan suka beli barang deko rumah ni?)


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