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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Online shopping with Rakuten (sangat berbaloi!)

Today I want to share an online shopping website that is known as Japan's No.1 Shopping Site. It is Rakuten Malaysia.

I discover this website, when I read Iza wrote a review here 

I believe you must want to know what is Rakuten differ from other online shopping website, right?

For those that love Kit Kat Green Tea (Matcha), you can get it here. Other than Green Tea, there is also Strawberry Cheesecake, Wasabi, Chocolate Pudding (for halal status please check yourself and kalau boikot tak perlu la beli kan?). Kot kot la ada yang mengidam nak makan Green Tea Kit Kat ni dan tak tahu nak cari kat mana kan.

The most important thing, I love Rakuten Super Points, where you can shop and earn some points which can be used for next purchase.

My first purchase with Rakuten was a bread maker. Bread maker is one of my wish list gadget.

So when Iza share a discount code, I just randomly search for bread maker. The price pretty much similar with those sells via deal-of-the-day website (In fact, I think it is the same model from the description and picture and even the same company), BUT during the purchase I can use the RM30 shopping point that she shared in the post. 

After calculating my budget , I just placed an order and during check out I put the RM30 shopping code.

When checking the order and before confirming the payment, I noticed that I have RM60 off (RM30 from code given by Iza, and RM30 due to sign Blogger sign up campaign – which I think given as I sign up directly from link given by Iza)

Whoa….that’s mean I have a great bargain as my bread maker only cost RM214.55 (Nak beli yang brand brand tu belum mampu lagi. Bread maker kat Tesco ada masa cari tak jumpa, or kalau ada harga tak de promo)

I received the bread maker after several days of purchase. No further issue as the seller do send email notification on delivery details.

If you notice that they will put the equivalent point that you can get from each purchase. Let say the item at RM30.00, you will get 0.30 points.

But from time to time, I noticed they will have promotion like 15 times the points, like what I received. I am not only having a new bread maker, but at the same time I have 41.10 points which equivalent to RM41.10 for my next purchase!

From Rakuten Super Point, you can see the expiry date for the points. Don’t worry as it not expiry like in a day but for about 1 month or more (so sempat la simpan duit untuk nak shopping lagi)

I used the Rakuten Super Point for second purchase and I only pay RM5 for 3 items.

Now I know where I can purchase things at affordable price (but you have to plan wisely and of course grab all the promotion like extra points, discount code)

Last but not least, hasil meroti dengan bread maker…

Bolehla makan, ini hasil meroti bersama anak...budak-budak suka je menolong lepas tu dapat makan

For the recipe, I just google, but for the step I just follow whatever the seller posted in the bread maker description


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