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Friday, October 31, 2014

Step bergambar roti kacang merah dan roti sosej

Even though I bought breadmaker, I just use it once..then terus jadi tukun.

But I already compile some recipe and planned to go Bake With Yen (bakery shop) so that I can
i-get some of bakery supplies that not available at supermarket like read bean paste, butterscotch chips and
ii-perhaps get some items cheaper compared to supermarket like cream cheese, butter and so on

All picture here taken from this blog (with a hope that I will do it!) Other than that, nanti tak le tercari-cari balik.

Step untuk roti kacang merah dan roti sosej...untuk resepi sila la google ye. I still need to try and error, so I do not share it for time being


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