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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Organizing shoes

It has been awhile since my last post on organizing thingy...Perhaps I lost my mojo on this area...and plus the house started in "kapal karam" mode

So today just a simple

I bet it is normal for a woman have a lot of shoes..If husband only need 2 working shoes, I need urm double of it (zaman tak kahwin dulu lagi banyak, lepas tu pernah kerja company Friday casual day, siap ade sneakers ye). But nowadays I just need at least 2-3 working shoes.

Before transformation

I found this plastic shoe organizer only RM4 at Giant

After organizing....I can fit 4 shoes, instead of 2 with the same space (perhaps more reasons to buy new shoes)

It is also easy to take out from the shoes cabinet

So you can get this from Giant. Each RM4 and I saw pink, blue, and green (not sure if there is any other colours)


  1. exactly !it become more neat, and avoid dirt from sticking at our shoes cupboard ..

  2. terbaik!!!
    mau cari gaks la...
    tq for sharing...


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