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Friday, November 21, 2014

Recipe : Easy peasy chicken chop

Today I will share the easy peasy chicken chop...which you can show off your cooking skill to your loved one (perhaps nak buat ala-ala candle light dinner, simple anniversary celebration, or perhaps birthday)

You just need this (either one).Price based on Tesco online

Ayamadu Premium Monster Chicken Chop 1pc RM6.29

Ayamadu Maryland Chicken Chop 3pcs RM14.59..ada juga jual sekeping tapi harga tak ingat, yg pasti kurang dari monster

Found out that Giant sell the Ayamadu monster chicken chop less than RM6 (RM5++). I bought the monster chicken chop 2 pieces and enough for 4 of us. Since never bought Maryland chicken chop, I cannot compare the size and taste between two.

So with this, you will skip debone chicken task (at first I thought to prepare chicken chop from scratch including debone the chicken, but considering that my kids surely will asked this and that, I think perhaps later in future).

Follow the instructions in the packet (for monster chicken chop, you need to fry about 10 minutes….you need to check whether it fully cooked because the monster chicken chop is consider really big)

For sauce, you just need 3 things – cream of mushroom, black pepper sauce and also coarse black pepper powder (or you can have black pepper then tumbuk kasar-kasar).
Cream of mushroom
Black pepper sauce

Black pepper coarse powder..or boleh je guna black pepper pastu tumbuk kasar-kasar

I used one tin cream of mushroom, add some water, black pepper sauce and coarse black pepper powder (air, sos, black pepper ni agak-agak ikut suka nak pekat dan pedas kuah…since makan ngan anak-anak, I buat tak berapa nak pedas..pedas manja-manja gitu).

Other than that fry some fries…then walla

The super-duper easy peasy chicken chop. Semua suka termasuk anak-anak (asik makan nasi pun bosan)

Final output....

Hmm..way better than KFC chicken chop (ok kuah KFC chicken chop banyak, cuma masa amik gambar nib uh sikit je kuah sebab takut pedas…saiz chicken chop KFC alahai cinonet…kecik ok, besar lagi Ayamadu monster chicken chop)

Kecik je chicken chop KFC...kuah ada banyak ye, ni curah sikit

So you can try now this easy peasy chicken chop :)


  1. Nanti nak try buatla..anak2 sure suka

  2. chicken chop?? hehehe... saya pandai masak goreng jer... masak lain mesti tak menjadi... ohhh saya juga suka masak lemak kuning cili api dan jugak ayam masak asam pedas... tapi biasanya gorenglah


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