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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

IOI City Mall Putrajaya opening on 20.11.2014

Yay new shopping mall will be open its door on 20 Nov 2014...

I am so happy because it will be at jajahan-takluk. I mean we need a new place to venture, balik-balik pergi Giant, Tesco, Jusco and once in a blue moon to Alamanda or IOI Mall Puchong.

There is another reason why I am excited with thie new mall, it is because of Homepro.

Homepro ni femes kat utara sana, spesifik kat Hatyai...kalau baca kat Facebook group berkaitan deko-deko ni, sumpah rasa cam nak sangat pergi, lagi pulak depa dok kata rega jauh murah dari yg jual kat Malaysia. Tapi idakle tau nanti harga barang tu betul-betul murah kat sini. Leh baca experience orang yg dah pi Homepro Hatyai (entri ini dan ini).

Anyway you can visit Homepro Malaysia website here (though not much picture, but I sense that I will love this place). Nak pi Ikea jauh, hopefully Homepro IOI City Mall Putrajaya ni jadi pengganti.

I heard that there will be the largest ice rink (Icescape)  in Malaysia at IOI City Mall Putrajaya as well.

Since I never showed Afham and Alif the ice rink, I bet they will love when they see it! 

They only see ice rink from Frozen, gosh I think I never showed them ice rink at Sunway Pyramid..

And perhaps more JJCM, since heard that abou 80 eating places in IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Other than Homepro, you also can expect H&M, Uniqlo, Guess, Sephora, Tesco. Even there will be a indoor theme park District 21

(extract from facebook
District 21 is a, first of its kind, post-apocalyptic themed Active Park. Comprising of more than 10 activities, to suit all ages and ability.

District 21 is a first of its kind, post-apocalyptic active themed park. It has more than a dozen of activities, which most of it are newly featured in Malaysia.

This 70,000 sq.ft. Indoor Active Park is nestled in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, which is inclusive of 11 attractions, 8 party rooms and more.

Which are Go-Pedal, Pump Track, Power Station, Low Ropes, Launch Pad, The Maze, Free Fall, Sky Trail, Tubby Ride, Roller Glider and Carousel

For more, you can visit and

Perhaps later will share on IOI City Mall Putrajaya and Homepro IOI City Mall Putrajaya later...


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