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Wonderful motherhood

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015, muti-tasking and follow me on Instagram

Eyh it almost mid of Jan'15...and I just write an entry?

I think a lot of thing happened recently and including this year will be a little bit busy because I will turn into multi-tasking...erm what I mean beside a day job, I decided to run online business. On top of that Insya Allah, will join as a vendor at one of the vendor boutique at Ayer 8, Putrajaya.

Erm, still have a lot of things need to be learn...even though I am certified accountant. Operating an online business without a partner can be really tiring (ok my support now only husband and kids).

On top of that I became almost everything, need to become creative manager (yes, I need to learn those simple editing, to thing concept, and also need to master flat lay instagram), to calculate costing (of course need to make sure it will be profitable, right?). Certain things, I just sub it..like design business card, sticker and so on (Thankfully born as accountant, so book keeping will be done by myself)

Business card pun kena fikir konsep jugak...naseb just sub kepada those yg lebih kreatif
psss..mana lagi cantik? atas atau bawah?

So, If I do not write as active as I can be you can find me at @homelivingshop. Preorder batch 1 of cushion cover and some decorative items will start very soon!

Some of the cushion cover

Some of the decorative items

Tapi yang ni tgh tak sure adakah jual poster atau poster dengan frame, sbb kena kira shipment cost ...

So do support my little baby by follow @homelivingshop http://instagram.com/homelivingshop/ (dan sila join #cushioncoverlover dengan membeli dari saya, harga Insya Allah tak murah, tak mahal...sedang-sedang saja)

Semoga business ini menjadi successful, Amin. Mana tahu satu hari nanti tak perlu kerja dngn orang tapi ada perniagaan sendiri kan?


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