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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Product Review : Corelle Rosabelle for upcoming Hari Raya

When it comes to dining ware, I have to tell you my big secret. Ever since married until now I only bought few plates, few serving bowl and of course spoons, fork etc. All in loose and not in complete collection. This was because my mother in law bought and gave us a set of dining ware, some free stuff given from friends and the rest came from wedding present (nothing fancy branded just something basic).

Then one of my aunt told me not to collect dining ware and not to to buy it for the sake of collecting it for display (on top of that she mention that need to buy a display cabinet). Which I have to agree, because having a small children, we try to minimise furniture and such (safety first).

But there is one time, my husband told that he wanted to invite some of his friends for lunch. One point that makes me realised, I do not have one complete set of beautiful dining ware (bukan nak show off, but I believe untuk tetamu rasanya lebih baik hidangkan makanan dlm pinggan mangkuk yg elok-elok, molek dan sedap memandang). And since at the same time, I have to admit my cooking skills is nowhere (or maybe because orang lain lagi pandai jamu rasa cam malu nk masak untuk orang lain..cukupla untuk family).

I keep on telling myself that I will invest in a good and nice dining ware (And of course improved my cooking skills). One of my wish list is to have Corelle dining ware. I am so lucky because my wish list almost came true when I was given an opportunity to review Corelle’s dinner plates and a casserole from Corningware (from the most recent collection).

Corelle and Corelle Rosabelle
Corelle is a household name in the kitchenware industry worldwide and is definitely popular among Malaysian households. Corelle and Corningware are under the World Kitchen umbrella, an American kitchenware products maker and distributor. Corelle is their leading dishware while Corningware is their cookware line. Today, more than 140 different Corelle patterns are available in Malaysia, many specifically designed to meet the growing Asian taste and demands.

This year, Corelle celebrates its 45th anniversary.

Early in June, the Corelle unveiled their brand new collection, perfectly named Rosabelle. Its name is inspired by French words, Rosa meaning Rose and Belle meaning beautiful.

Personal review of Rosabelle

The design is so stylish, so I decided to skip on food presentation!

1. Stylish and long lasting design
I love the design! Pinkish and something that can catch easily everyone eyes. I believe the design will be one of long lasting design, simply because most of women loves roses! You also can skip on food presentation simply because the design is sooo beautiful!!!

I let Alif use the eat cake :)

2. So light, it is strong and durable
The moment I received Corelle Rosabelle, I just could not believe it because it is so light but yet durable! So my kids can handle it

Vitrelle®, a remarkable three-layer sandwich of thermally laminated glass. This is how Corelle’s plates are made and what makes its plates long lasting and durable without it being heavy. Also, a result of this process, Corelle has the versatility of being suitable for reheating or even used in conventional, convection or microwave ovens.

Anyway I do not tested it with ovens or microwave, but right after cooking I transfer the dish directly to the serving bowl. It is durable (sebab pernah tau transfer masa panas-panas, tiba-tiba mangkuk cap ayam tu retak sikit kat hujung)

You can also check out that video here to understand more about the brand.

3. Patterns never fade
From my reading, those use Corelle for years and still counting, they do mention that its patterns never fade.
The size just perfect for everything and the most important thing it is thin......

4. Easy to wash and save valuable space in your home
Yes, it is easy to wash and not easily to slip from your hand. At the same time, since it is thin it can be easily to be stacked…so you will save space for more kitchen stuffs / gadget in the cabinet.

Price for Corelle Rosabelle (a set of 16 unit) is RM729, while set of six unit Corningware Rosabelle RM629. You can visit leading departmental stores to get Corelle Rosabelle and Corningware Rosabelle.

Perhaps you can get it for upcoming Raya (or perhaps to get it as a gift for your loves one, just perfect because Raya is always synonyms with food feast!)

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Disclaimer : I am not paid to write this review. All opinions are mine and based from my own experience in using the product. Product courtesy by World Kitchen.


  1. Kalau saya nak beli set ni nampaknya kena kerja keras berblog lah..hehehe
    Keinginan tu memang ada

  2. Cantik corak bunga dia. Memang ada buat koleksi produk corelle nie. hehe
    Salam ziarah dan salam lebaran


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