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Friday, May 15, 2015

Baju pregnant yang comel..kawaii gitu!!!

Compared to 1st pregnancy, I think nowadays it is much easier to find maternity cum nursing wear.

A lot of online shop selling bf friendly clothes (especially jubah...). But I still need some shirts that can match with skirt / palazzo.

Last time, I shared here where to find nice and kawaii maternity cum nursing shirt. And since some of the old shirts show wear and tear (plus I wore it almost 3 years....come on la kan, tak kan asik pakai baju lama, kena ada sikit baju baru tak?)

So I shared what I love (and of course thinking to get it) from Most of it can be wear during pregnancy and nursing (due to cutting). Dan semstinya labuh menutup aurat!

I think a lot of blue hue here (since Friday, my office wear corporate shirt in I think I don't want to be alien on its better to wear something blue).

They still have this design!!! Which I have it earlier


  1. hujung2 preggy ni.. dah tak de baju yang muat..semua sangkut kat atas perut.. huwaaaa... rasa nak membeli tapi tinggal berapa hari je lagi nak beranak nih... hurrmm..


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