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Monday, March 1, 2010

Breastfeeding class

Being mum to be for very first time actually makes me to be more knowledgeable in ilmu-ibu2

Try to read as much as I can, storing all the knowledge and later to practice it....sounds easy, but I know the journey won't be super-easy

Since pregnant, after googling-reading-absorbing, I know how most of moms wants to give their very best to their sons/daughters...and it is through breastmilk

But sometimes reading tones of +ve things and -ve things can makes me like demotivated ~ serious weh tgh syok2 nk carik ilmu suddenly read some kind of war BF vs in office I know most of the ibu2 giving FM....[I just noticed that only one mother have pumping session...]

Attending antenatal class also, do not provide much of bf info...then I tried to read some of LC blogs which I found very useful, read and so on...but I might missed out some important knowledge since every single things is important [hoho time jd student dl blh je absorb mcm2 subjek tp kali ini dh bercampur gaul..sibuk ngan keje la, pregnancy hormone on]

So I decided to attend bf class as part of self preparation. Click here for the basic preparation of bf mummy [my personal additional note to Kadangkala pembacaan tidak cukup ‘puas’ atau ‘faham’ kan? is sometimes we might missed out certain things we read before..esp being first many things to learn, like ebm, tandem nursing, baby latch and so on]

Before that for those that interested to attend bf class can check here
1. Sarakids & Lunatots - seluruh malaysia....but if in s'gor will be TTDI Jaya
2. - 2 places to choose either susuibu, bangi or (MLO), seri kembangan
3. butik mumdreams - they are not doing every month, and usually the LC will be from sarakids and lunatots

At first I found and interested to attend the 1st one, however after considering it will be on weekend, so I registered to attend at MLO, Seri Kembangan [if not mistaken they just started in Jan 10, lucky me to find out] . Reason....since weekend is lazy-terbabas tdo xingat-karang lambat sampai-unexpected jam-missing on the way and opted for the nearest to our house...

You can come for the class together with husband, or in case husband not around you can bring sister/MIL/friend.

The LC for the class is Rita MLO. The class covered :-
- Infant Feeding and Cultural Expectations
- How Were We Fed?
- Our Babies
- Breastfeeding Basics
- Breastfeeding Myth You May Hear
- How to Find Breastfeeding Help and Why You May Need it?
- Breastfeeding video

Some of notes that I managed to jot down [sorry attend class early jan 2010, only now have time to share]
- breast as a sex symbol rather than feeding & bonding symbol [hoho sila tukar mid setting esp man]
- around 16 to 22 weeks starts producing milk
- feeding cues ; mounting, rooting, putting hand to her mouth, sucking movement, clenching fingers and last crying...If u bf the baby when he/she cry is actually already too if u have seen the early signals, u can bf the baby before he/she cried; since bf the crying baby is much more tough

I found the above video is something that is related to the feeding cues.

- size of newborn stomatch is very small around chick pea. click here for the size of baby's tummy [bak kata Rita MLO, can u imagine how the very first day of ur baby if fed by formula milk yg sebotol tuh? sdgkan saiz perut baby kecik ja]
- 2 type of breast milk - foremilk & hindmilk. read more here
- foremilk - watery milk 88% water, collected from full breast, less fat
- hindmilk - creamy milk, collected from nearly empty breast, more fat
- so it is not correct to set eg 15 minutes for each breast. Instead let baby bf until one breast is empty and then offer the other breast after that
- the best breast pump? not ameda, medela, avent, spectra or any brand...but its ur baby! [so direct feeding is the best....pumping is just to help for working mums and also for some ebm stock]

Video session was really interesting esp seen the newborn crawling looking for mummy boob. Subhanallah...sbbnya nobody taught the baby but the baby manage to locate his/her mother breast and start to bf.

Besides, we also have a session pegang-anak-patung for both suami-isteri [??? erk, it just like training few positions for bf]

I really encourage first time mum to attend the class. Reasons to get the correct info and knowledge!


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