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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, March 4, 2010

SAHM , WAHM, sangap btl di rumah

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SAHM - stay at home mother
WAHM - working at home mother..sorry if wrong translation -p

While I draft this entry I still in home. A little bit emotional...plak tahap panas gaban...huhu cannot imagine confinement and it is hot [owh2 adakah itu sebab baby tidak mahu keluar sbb cuaca panas vs dlm womb yg sejuk best???]

Ever since pregnant, I thought of being WAHM...sbbnya early 4 months with nausea and always MC, vomit all those things....thinking of being flexi mummy...but no idea of what kind of biz that suitable [need to consider small baby which still need attention vs working at home might be tough..xkan nak baking cupcake while baby crying, then no experience of doin biz]

Gosh then early leave for maternity leads me to become SAHM for few days [not really SAHM since no baby to take care]......for 1-2 days still ok, but then after that amatlah sangap.....SANGAP....[even tho still can have internet connection, but pls la xkan nk hadap internet half day???]

I admit I have some plan for my career [looking for new post which nearer to home....I hate KL traffic jam even encik suami drive every morning while I can sleep sometimes =p ]. Encik suami always like saying "ok pe keje skrg...xdelah stress, xde stay back, xde dtg wiken....salary wise ok..and so on"

Ya I admit that, not so stress...but I have mission..mission of being accountant and get some experience of being boss..[cuma sesekali terasa mcm boss esp bila boss cuti panjang, maka menjd contact person if anything happened]. And of course getting more $$$ [ehem2....sape xmau kaya?]. Plus using my ACCA as stepping stone [hello,penat seh bljr nk jd straight lulus-xda repeat-buat setahun]

Still up to date I do not update my resume, no googgling of potential new employer...Reason I don't have no mood of looking....

Hmmmmmmmm [very long], but can I stay as keje makan gaji till 40 +++???. Then how to spend retirement? Berniaga pasar malam? pegi kebun? jaga cucu? jd cikgu masakan? or honeymoon keliling dunia? Walla.....all still need money $$$$

Till then....[buat2 bukak jobstreet, merayau2 cr idea]


  1. u dh deliver ke? i belom lg, esok due date..huhu


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