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Friday, May 21, 2010

The birth story....pain, labour room and so on

part 2

I know I took sooo looong time to finish the birth story...even Afham already 2 months...the reason sometimes I lost my mojo or its because I don't want to make new mom scared?

Lets continue

10 am

...straight away call the nurse

They asked me to go to the labour room. [Air ketuban kaler hijau ada 2 sebab iaitu overdue atau baby sudah buang air besar]

Actually when encik suami said "Hijau"...I already felt like "Ya Allah, jgn ler kena czer...." Because I want to have normal delivery.

As usual in labour room, they will put CTG machine to monitor baby's heartbeat and also contraction level [dun asked me how to read all this...even I never asked my husband to monitor it]. Besides I was given pitocin thru drip.

Not to mention sesi seluk2 berlaku lagi...This time already 3 cm dilated.

Then the nurse left me alone in the labour room. However, I do asked them whether my husband can accompany me even tho still not yet nak bersalin. The reason because I really need support [baca blog org lain sempat la emak masing2 tgk anak nk bersalin...but me? emak pun dh takde...]

Then nurse came and said "Puan, kejap lagi suami puan dtg ye....dia pegi alihkan kereta....". The waiting moment was like too long for me. The contractions was really frequent, while I recite Surah al-Anbiya,87..Laila ha illa anta subha na ka inni kumtum minazzolimin [for those yg nk deliver start2 la hafal zikir ni ye]

Earlier, one of nurse mentioned that I can use the gas esp every time I felt the contraction. So besides recite zikir, selawat, surah2 pendek I tried it. Although they mentioned that the gas will makes me a lil bit sleepy and will reduce lil bit the pain, the fact that I do not felt anything [penat je sedut, tp xrasa pe]

Encik suami finally came and at this moment the contraction level getting higher. I read before that some said its like period pain...but the fact it is more than period pain. Sakiiiiit giler [ok2, I admit I had period pain like once or twice in a maybe I dun remember my last time period pain].

The pain, the CTG machine sounds, the gas..owh2...

I admit in the labour room beside kumat kamit baca pe2 yg patut sy jugak mengerang "sakit...sakit..sakit" [bukan jerit ok? just mcm cakap sorg2]. Until one of nurse "Puan, puan x boleh macam gini...sabar ye puan [ok nurse banyak xingat pun yg mana satu]

At one moment, the contraction and pain was really2 pain. The only thing that I can think was between life and death. [lain org lain yg dia fikir kan? but serious for me it was what I can think]

Since that, I asked encik suami to help me, recite anything then I followed him. Besides, he also asked me to have proper breathing technique that we learn during antenatal class. [skrg rasa ampeh sbb dh kelam kabut masa tu nafas pun xcukup ok...mcm tercungap2 lagi adalah]

The nurse asked also if we bring air selusuh...I only have minyak selusuh, but left at nothing can be done.

The nurse and doctor also keep on checking my condition and also asked if I already like to meneran...I cannot remember exactly what time when they came and checked 6cm dilated. I also heard something like like my contraction level high.

After they said 6 cm dilated, suddenly I felt the pain become more and the extend suddenly I pop up question "Boleh amik epidural tak?" [In the first place, I dun want to take epidural, but somehow suddenly felt like teramat sakit dan jugak macam xde tenaga]

Heard some discussion nurse and doctor, and they came to encik suami adn said epidural hanyalah waktu office hour and weekend no epidural. Besides its already 6 cm dilated.

Since no epidural, I just can pray that everything will be ended very soon.

During contraction and so on, suddenly everything became fast forward, serious tiba2 rasa mcm express pulak bila nurse2 prepare me, put my legs to the support and asked mr pegang besi for the delivery [ xpandai nk kaki kena mcm ikat sikit dan tangan leh pegang besi smbil nk teran]

found this..yg kaler itam tu tempat buh kaki dan nanti pegang besi betul2 bawah tuh [paham ke puan2 sekalian??]..hehe nama benda ni Obstetric Labour Table Telescopic

again to be continue...izinkan sy pegi memasak, kemas rumah, so on....


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