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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The birth story....pain, labour room and so on

part finale *ok2 I took 3 months to finish it...*

Nurse also mentioned that I should untie my hair *so klu rambut panjang mengerbang pandai2 la adjust* I am not sure the reason, maybe afraid pressure in the head???

After adjusting me here and there, the drama start...Soo many nurse, 1 doctor -pegawai perubatan*mcm selalu klu encik suami and me discuss selalu kata tu doktor ke pegawai perubatan*, and my gynea Dr Hamidah.

As usual labour room drama is "push...push...." My first attempt all the nurse, doctor, gynea cheered me up...*okeh dlm labour room tu rasa mcm final game yg ada cheerleading team...dan ianya bknlah cheerleading team citer Glee ok?*

For me it was soo many attempt. I cannot remember how many, maybe almost 10. I do not have proper breathing *isk mcm xreti curik nafas*, wasting energy to push, and maybe no energy due to the last food intake was yesterday around 11pm *nasib baik rajin supper*

I keep attempt to push with help from all. Of course Dr Hamidah will asked me when to do it and give me some support..During that time, I'm almost think redha sajalah kalau kena c-zer. But knowing govt hospital they will put it as the super last resort.

Dr Hamidah keep saying "Zuraihan, boleh ini, lagi sikit..." and so on

I tried and tried, suddenly I can felt the episotomy *haip baca kat mag patut xrasa sakit..ntah mcm mana sy rasa plak ek?* So it was something that makes me alert and trying my best to push. Besides I heard Dr said baby heartbeat slow and she might use forcep *dgr word forcep terus push dgn cemerlang, agaknya takut kepala baby akn lonjong sekejap*

1.48 pm

With that I manage to push and finally Dr Hamidah said dah nampak kepala....and the rest tak rasa ape2.Dr Hamidah put Afham betul2 atas my tummy, seriously it was unexplainable moment.

They took Afham to do the necessary thing. While Dr Hamidah setelkan bab uri dan jahit. That time she mentioned that everytime if I felt pain/ unconfortable, I can use the gas *boleh tak masa tahan sakit contraction, cakap kat misi "sy x rasa pe2 pun kesan gas ni"*

While Dr Hamidah settled the things, the gas really gave me a lil bit sleepy *that moment barulah tau agaknya td contraction and so on, gas tu mmg buat penat sedut...bila hati dh gumbira, proper breathing, gas tu betul2 magic*

Even tho I am a bit sleepy, sempat lagi asked doc how long the episotomy? She just said "Normal for first baby" *agaknya xmo bg stress hape2 kot*


Everything finished, even sempat black out sekejap. Dr Hamidah pun mentioned nasib baik everything dh settle so dont bother black out.

The nurse came and gave me to kiss the baby...Owh2 Afham kecik2 dh pandai kenyit mata, boleh tak masa tu ibu nk cium Afham mcm kenyit mata..mata kanan je bukak, mata kiri tutup. The rest story no need to write it here...

So what I can share [personal opinion, of course diff people have diff level] :-

-sakit kena seluk tu adalah sedikit tidak selesa, tetapi tidaklah super sakit *ke sebab masa tu sy concentrate sakit lain maka bab seluk2 tu xrasa la sakit sgt*
- contraction pain adalah teramat sakit, ada kata akan sakit pinggang mcm nk patah and so on *hakikatnya sy xde rasa sakit pinggang, so lain org lain la rasa sakitnya*
- I must agree that towards the end of pregnancy we must eat, eat and eat *sbb bila dh start super contraction dan kalau xde epidural maybe nak makan pun dh xsempat*
- selebihnya, harus tawakal walau nyawa di hujung tanduk
- after normal delivery, we might have trauma esp sesi-qada-hajat-besar for quite some times *I read some even said diorg sanggup rasa sakit contraction drpd sakit seksa nk membuang*
- after delivery, also still ada rasa sakit mcm2 ok. Masa ini lah tak kan pertikaikan "syurga di bawah kaki ibu"

Personally, Alhadulillah since I do not have super long delivery process [smpi hospital around 9.30am , 1.48 dh dalam 4 jam kira agak cepat]. Even nurses kat executive ward also like "eh cepat betul bersalin ye".


Afham 3 days old


  1. ala tomeynyer Afham baru 3 hari...tecitt sungguh ^_^

  2. congrats Ms Tepung! so cute...
    anyway.. i bumped into ur blog coz i found my wedding picture on ur wedding entry.. :)


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